Well, there will ALWAYS be jobs for some, but as time goes by clearly there will be fewer.

The reason there will be fewer is due to something most of us normally think of as good: efficiency.

The signs are everywhere: the Post Office is overstaffed due to so much of what used to be done in snail mail being done online: we don't send letters by mail. No longer do we pay most bills by mail; we do it online or over the phone. And the rub is that we don't even pay for those services because we'd have Internet or phone service anyway, and when you're not paying, you're not subsidizing someone's employment.

Largely automated systems have eliminated many jobs. Craigslist has so few employees (about 25 as I understand it) that it almost runs on autopilot (ever wanted to talk to their customer service? don't bother: it really doesn't exist for any practical purpose). Think of all the employees of newspaper classified ad departments who no longer have jobs, and the revenue lost to those newspapers, which has forced some out of business, adding to unemployment, forcing the rest to cut back drastically on staff.

When I was young (I'm 65) automobiles and trucks were built by people on assembly lines. The only mechanical assistance was probably a small lift to lift heavy objects like motors, but the lift was still operated by a person. Today, the amount of actual human later going into the building of a car on assembly line is greatly limited, with much of the work being done by industrial robots.

One can only expect that this trend will continue because we will always want products to be cheaper.

So, as fewer and fewer people have jobs, who will be out there to buy them? If you stop to think about it, the trend is rather obviously unsustainable!

We can't continue to let the numbers of the unemployed to expand. At some point, the economy will become totally dysfunctional.

How do you think we will have to deal with this eventually.

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it's because every time Communism crosses someones mind as a good idea, they think, "Gee, that would be a wonderful world. But of course we would need someone trustworthy and kind to overlook the whole thing. And the only person I trust is ME." (and yes, for a few fleeting moments I've been guilty of this line of thought)

The problem is that everyone trusts only themselves to "be good." It's not a personality flaw, it's human nature and something that just needs to be accounted for. 

I truly don't know - I've got my iMac, my iBook, my iPad and my iPhone to thank him for - Steve will be missed!

Wow. Do you even sweeten your coffee/tea with stevia?

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I have a large inventory of these in stock, $12.00/unit, I'll even include shipping and handling. For another $5.00, I'll personalize. For an additional $42.00 I will include a color matching WIFI connection! 

Personalization can include: your name, eye holes, instructions for use.

Body protection and insurance against falls and death are not included, but your local Harbor Freight should be an inexpensive supplier of safety equipment.

Cashers checks only PLEASE! 

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I suppose a two-party, post-dated, personal check, drawn on a Nigerian bank, is out of the question --

My iThink, iRock, and iRead came mostly naturally. I do wish they would take the iPad and turn it into the iTricorder, with background radiation detectors, environmental and geochemical sensors, human diagnostic apps, and biopresence sensors. A real tool for the 21st century! 

In due time, James, in due time --

I spy with my little iEye...

Aye aye aye aye aye!!!

iCaramba!#-o d'oh!


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