I feel good by going out every night at 2:00 am and spend the rest of the evening looking for fairies. True, that sometimes I find Tarantulas, scorpions, rattlesnakes, and others, but have not found any fairies yet. Some people tell me that fairies don´t exist, but I´ll take my chances with the scorpions because I have faith that when I find a faerie, it can take me to fairyland and I´ll be happy forever.
Of course, having spent more than 1/2 of my life looking for the faeries, it will be VERY disappointing to die and realize (at the last moment) how I wasted most of my life knowing there never were any to be found. Once, I also felt good about believing I could fly, until one day I tried it and cracked my head in 3 different places. But in the meantime, it made me feel good, which I why I went with it.
The same happened when I believed I could walk through walls. Well, I don´t have to tell you about my broken ribs... But now I understand that walls can help me if I ask them for something. I do get results some of the time when I ask them for things (although some people tell me it happened through mere chance). But I have faith in walls and faeries. So I divide 1/2 my time looking for faeries and the other half talking to walls. You may think it´s a waste of time, but I know better.
Of course, what little time I have left, I dedicate to reading the ancient Greek holy book called The Illiad. In page 225, paragraph 3, verse 4 it states: "Behold, my child. If thouest believest in me instead of in Zeus, you shall have all the glories bestowest by myself unto you and your dogs. I have all the love you can handleth because I loveth all my children like none of the other gods loveth them. But if thou does not loveth me back for every hour of every day, I shall be forcethed to drive nails through you for the rest of your dayeth. Are thou not glad that I have given thou choiceth´?"´
Which brings me to the hard choice: Do I stop looking for faeries, pray to the walls, or venerate this unseen, invisible, and completely indifferent to my daily life, being? The problem is that I also have to learn to hate, pity, and despise any other that does not think like I do. Will I find the faeries? Will the walls ever really help me? Or will I go with the Greek god in order not to live with nails stuck unto my body for the rest of eternity?
I think I´ll go with the Greek god for fear of the nails. Thank you, Greek god. Thank you for LOVING me this way!!!
Note: It may not feel that good, but at least I´ll take my chances of not suffering. See? Here´s how it works: If it is true, I got lucky and did not risk eternal nails. But if it´s not true, then I lost nothing (except learning to live my life the way I wanted to and enjoy the wonders of nature, science, and the Universe). ;-)

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