Today, on his visit to the UK, Pope Benedict XVI stated the following:

“We can recall how Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society and denied our common humanity to many, especially the Jews.

“As we reflect on the sobering lessons of the atheist extremism of the 20th century, let us never forget how the exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life leads ultimately to a truncated vision of
man and of society,”

“May it [Britain] always maintain its respect for those traditional values and cultural expressions that more aggressive forms of secularism no longer value or even tolerate,”

Great, so... Atheism leads to Nazi-like tendencies? OK, little boy molesters.

Hitler wasn't even an atheist. In fact, didn't he claim to have "eradicated Atheism from the face of the earth"? Stalin was, in fact, an atheist. Sometimes bad people do have good ideas.

But that the Pope himself would say such things, make such comparisons, shows only how ignorant he is on what atheism is truly about. Talk about disgusting. I find Atheists to be more moral humans than most religious people.

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My energy is not for any of the leaders in particular, but for the social and political situation that exists. I feel these leaders are under social and political pressure to attend to this 'dignitary' and it annoys me. If they were to make a statement they would upset many Catholics who would never get the point of why they chose to make the statement. I wonder how we could ever get to a situation where what a person says or does is judged over their position. How outrageous would his statements need to be before it was acceptable to stand up and say hang on a minute?
That would be rather awesome, imagine if the Queen had got up and said 'Pardon me but one thinks that is a load of BS'. We could perhaps have done away with the monarchy and the Pope in one blow. :D

At least respected speakers are able to stand up and have a say in the media so we are moving forward.
that is how they view us all. Not believing in God or having a false God means you are the scum of the earth. You can not have morals or value life in any way. It's a way of brainwashing the masses into conforming or staying in religions light as they call it.
The Catholic League went even further.

"The pope did not go far enough. Radical atheists like the British Humanist Association should apologize for Hitler. But they should not stop there. They also need to issue an apology for the 67 million innocent men, women and children murdered under Stalin, and the 77 million innocent Chinese killed by Mao. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were all driven by a radical atheism, a militant and fundamentally dogmatic brand of secular extremism. It was this anti-religious impulse that allowed them to become mass murderers. By contrast, a grand total of 1,394 were killed during the 250 years of the Inquisition, most all of whom were murdered by secular authorities.

Why should atheists today apologize for the crimes of others? At one level, it makes no sense: apologies should only be given by the guilty. But on the other hand, since the fanatically anti-Catholic secularists in Britain, and elsewhere, demand that the pope—who is entirely innocent of any misconduct—apologize for the sins of others, let the atheists take some of their own medicine and start apologizing for all the crimes committed in their name. It might prove alembic."

Catholic League Phone Number is 212-371-3191. Give them a call and tell them what you think. I did.
I have no words to respond to this.

I went and left some feedback for the Catholic League. I told them I'd apologise for Stalin if they apologised for Hitler. Can't see it happening so I think I'm safe.
I love it, whenever I think of the Catholic League all I can picture their office to look like is Bill Donohue and a fax machine. It never ceases to bring me the lolz
There's a wonderful debate on the site "Intelligence Squared" ( where Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry debate two cronies from the Catholic Church about whether or not the Catholic Church is a force for good or evil in the world. The crowd OVERWHELMINGLY sides with Hitchens and Fry and it's a wonderful, intelligent debate. I think you may have to join the site to watch the whole thing, but it's worth it--and there's no charge to join, they don't share your information and they never spam you!
That was a fantastic debate! Stephen Fry absolutely destroys the catholic church. That guy is my hero. He's so well spoken and not over the top...just rational.
That's all I am saying:

lol they already made a shirt out of it!
That's amazing!


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