Seeing as the reality is that our future will begin to (likely) reveal more women like Hayat Boumeddiene who become “accomplices” of terrorism, one thing is very pressing on my mind. How are we going to handle these situations? Are we going to treat them just as we do the men? Or will there be some understanding that they are perhaps coerced into these acts by the men they think love them?

This story is unfolding before my eyes as I struggle to reconcile a lot of confusion inside myself. Just earlier today as I sat in my therapist’s office, I told her how my own family says that I am “at fault” for many things that happened to me because I “went along with it.”….Initially I was taken as a 15 year old girl, and now I’m starting to realize that (I think) I have stockholm syndrome. So with all of that being said, I will admit up front that perhaps my view of what’s going on is bias, skewed, distorted, confused, contorted, or even just plain wrong. But on the other hand I’ve lived within the world of domestic violence long enough to know that women do really really stupid things for the men they love. I’ve also witnessed as a Correction’s Officer, women get locked up due to acts that were initially instigated by their boyfriends/husbands. Not to say the woman wasn’t at fault – she was. But to say that perhaps her guilt is lessened because of the fact that she is a victim too, whether she knows it or not…

I have not been involved in anything to this large scale, but I will admit that I have broken the law to do what a man told me, because I loved him. I don’t know if they would be considered things that are a “big deal.” I’ve never hurt anyone. I would do things like sneak into bars with him when I was underage (still a minor.) He coached me on how to act older so we got away with it. I snuck in small little things when he was in prison. Things that could be handed off easily during visitation by the vending machines. Nothing harmful…but it would have still gotten me in BIG trouble if I had gotten caught. So I totally….TOTALLY understand how women can get sucked in to doing things they wouldn’t normally do simply because the man they love (or shall I say the man they THINK they love) is telling them to do so.

So my position is that with the possibility of female terrorist becoming part of the future, I advocate that they be treated differently. I advocate that they be treated as victims of domestic violence.  Again….I may be totally wrong in suggesting that, but somehow I cannot help but shake off the feeling that she was simply doing what her “man” told her to do. She needs protection, and help. Professional help.

What do you think we should do about female terrorists? Do they deserve to be treated as victims of abuse? After all, women in the Muslim world don’t have a say or a vote in a lot of things anyway. I think they need to be protected. What do you think?

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I wasn't aware that cherry picking is defined as adding emphasis to words.

All I did was bring out the three major points in those sentences that I intended to address.  If I'd dealt with the other minor points as well it would have detracted from the others. That's not cherry picking.  That was common sense.  None of the tother things in the paragraph have a leg to stand on without the three I underlined and addressed.

But if it makes you happy to call me a cherry picker so be it.  I'm not going to sweat it. 

You totally tore apart my words to imply that I am saying that Muslims are "just like us," which is fundamentally NOT what I was saying. I am saying that human beings all make choices and take actions driven by the motivation of survival. In the sense that we all long to survive within our world, the conditions and environment of their world is what is driving them to think and act the way they do (and to become terrorists.) What I am saying is that if that environment were changed, their attitudes would change.

I do not believe that simply killing them so that they don't kill us first is a sustainable approach for our world. It will simply turn into a never ending cat and mouse chase. I believe that the only long term solution is to change our approach towards them. I already suggested one approach which I think could become a solution.

That is what I meant.

it's 4:OO pm on friday here now.  I'm going to pretend I'm in Buenos Aires where it's 8:OO pm so I won't feel bad about pouring myself a double shot of Bookers to help ease my nerves after the past few minutes on this thread.  

I think what you propose sounds good but I don't see how to make it work, other than offering sanctuary to any parent and their kids, if they can provide actionable intelligence. This could include an entire family if the male does the talking. If the female does the talking against the male's wishes, she could get sanctuary but it could become a huge mess if we imposed political intervention to force the family/culture to give us their kids, too.

I fall back to the only position I think has a chance of working (short of "virgilant extermination"), and that's to hope for and support Islamic moderation/reform, indirectly. We can't succeed by forcing change upon them, except perhaps at the governmental level by addressing human rights as a general topic, not religious. Of course it's a religious issue, but only because the religion as practiced violates human rights. I.e., address the human rights issues, and don't drag in or validate any religious reasons into our motives for battle.

The human rights issue in this case is simply woman's empowerment to reach equality. 

I'm not trying to avoid answering you but it's going on 8 pm here and I have plans for the rest of the night.

Things solved "in the long run" by WWII.......  How many wars have Japan and Germany fought since? 

Do you realize that before WWII the area we call Germany today never went more than 30 years without war --- in 1090 years!  The same with France, Austria, Italy, England. What happened to Nazism thanks to WWII?   How about how Germany has become a great peaceful industrial power?  What about all the wars Japan has stated since WWII?  For the first time in their history Japan became a major exporter after the war.  And guess what???? Ever heard of the Marshall Plan???? read up on that and apply it what needs to happen to Islam and stop worry about what you "think" about war, strategy and not getting killed.  Try to rely on people who have lived it.  There's tons of information out there waiting to be used to take the "I think" out of your opinions. 

Right off the top of my head... if you want an example of a time when killing another human being led to a viable, sustainable, equitable, just, solution that has made our world a better place because of it. ....Go back and read about the assassination of Julius Caesar and how everyone was pretty much surprised that a 19 year old boy named Octavian became Caesar instead of Marc Antony.  In his 40 years as emperor Octavian (who became Augustus) accomplished more than any five men combined who came after him.  

Google them.

And no I didn't pick your words apart.  If I had it would have started with trying to re-explain why and how they ARE NOT like us and How they are not in this TO SURVIVE. The fact that you would even say that is like a 500 yard flashing neon sign saying you know nothing about Islam.  I'll give you a clue on how to understand they are not in this to survive... Have you trained your son or let others train him to kill  and carry bombs so he can blow up innocent people and himself for an imaginary sky pervert?

@Virgil, I think I understand your line of thinking (correct me if I'm wrong) you are saying that when person X is assassinated and replaced by Y, it can be a good thing. It's a good point but it doesn't really address what I'm saying. I'm thinking along the lines of the most fundamental problems of human nature. Greed, hatred, prejudice,....It's true that if we kill bad dictators there may be some good that comes from it and it shapes human history in tremendous ways....but does it solve the problem that drove that dictator to need to be assassinated to begin with? We're living right now the consequences of removing/killing Sadam Hussein....did it solve our problems? Did it make for a better world? You tell me....

As far as your estimation for what you think I (don't) know about Islam, I can tell you that I understand why you said that. You should know that the reason they kill themselves is because their view of surviving is "collective" (as a group) and they see us as the threat to their survival. They think that by sacrificing a few they as a whole will survive. They see us as the Great Satan, and I know you know that!

belle I tried to reply to this but it's going to have to wait until I get better.  I can't even hardly think right now.

Give me a few days.


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