I am having an online discussion with a born-again "follower of Christ" lady who says that the fact that I have so many Christians in my life challenging my atheism means that the Lord is courting me.  My response has been that I think it is because I am an outspoken atheist and the issue is very important to me, so I tend to give Christians around me reason to talk to me about it.  

What should I say to her about why this issue is so important to me without her twisting it around so that it seems I am just confused and seeking Jesus but don't know it?  

BTW, I think she thinks she is helping me to find Jesus, but she's not.  I am basically studying her.  the problem is that I can see how people can be taken in by her message.  



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Maybe you should assure her that you enjoy dialogue with others who do not share your

philosophy. Tell her that while you appreciate her imput, you need her to respect your

beliefs. It will probably be necessary to straight-forwardly TELL HER that you are a person,

not a mission field. Some folks will be OK with that. Others will be angry that they can't get

another notch on their Bible.


                                                                     Heathern Mary

That's just the thing!  I have told her that and yet she persists.  Actually, as I write this I think she's given up, but while she was still responding to me she just ignored all of my efforts to make her see who I am.  I have had success with this approach in the past.  

My personal favourite which I would LOVE to use against a female Christian is this:

"Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." 2:11-12

Silly christian girls, do not usurp my authority....your own Bible commands it!


I would love to see how they react but I just havn't come across one yet.

THis might be to late,but i still want to add my lines for a next tiome. LOL


You could have told her it is actually the opposite, all Christians sects are divided, none knows what is what, we Atheist at least know and stand firm on a single truth, no prediction, no hell nothing negative in our minds. All we care is human advancement in the most peaceful way without fallacy.


And if she says "we too are in search of peace", tell her that 2011 years of history shows otherwise. Your religion is only dwindling and ireversable, the world is getting smarter by the day and the internet will just accelerate all, best of luck lady.

Wonderfully written, Gianni.  You have summed up the complicated truth in just a few short lines.



so true.

i'm late too, diane, but let me add that in these occasions i usually tell them that i just don't need jesus/god to live comfortably, as well as i don't need drugs or any other induced consumption. :)

It's the Debil!


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