I am having an online discussion with a born-again "follower of Christ" lady who says that the fact that I have so many Christians in my life challenging my atheism means that the Lord is courting me.  My response has been that I think it is because I am an outspoken atheist and the issue is very important to me, so I tend to give Christians around me reason to talk to me about it.  

What should I say to her about why this issue is so important to me without her twisting it around so that it seems I am just confused and seeking Jesus but don't know it?  

BTW, I think she thinks she is helping me to find Jesus, but she's not.  I am basically studying her.  the problem is that I can see how people can be taken in by her message.  



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I would like to know how you found this forum or online chat before I can answer your question. Did you go seeking it? Is it a christian chat group?

Strangely, she is my hairdresser's cousin.  My hairdresser posted a clip on Facebook about whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween.  I replied that I didn't have an opinion one way or the other because I'm not a Christian, but that Halloween is much less commercialized than Christmas.

Her cousin then responded with a list of things in which "we" are not supposed to participate.  She then went on to post all kinds of scripture and yadda, yadda, yadda.  She ended up messaging me and we've been having a running dialogue ever since.

I should have known!  What was I thinking?

That made me laugh rather loudly in a quiet starbucks.

Ha ha! Good one.

Same here - my family wondered what the hell I was looking at ;)

Isn't the fact that many Christians are challenging your atheism simply a function of population? I mean, you are in the Americas, where at least 3/4 of the population is Christian.

Unfortunately, I think you are right, even in relatively less-religions New Hampshire there are Christians all over the place.  This woman told me, basically, tough luck that I live in a country with so many Christians and maybe I'd be happier in Europe.  She's not likely to win many converts with that attitude!


Last I checked it was under 70% in the US now. Not wanting to split hair here, just keeping it factual.


The figures vary pretty greatly, it's hard to get a solid figure. But on the bright side, that's probably due to the exponential decline.

We also outnumber the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., at a whopping 16%. Our problem is we're not organized as one body, because we are usually so different in our other "beliefs", such as politics, etc.

Remind her that Christians are taught, though not usually in an obvious/direct manner, that it is their duty to try and "save" all of us non-beleivers. Because if this, they tend to flock around like seagulls fighting over bread crumbs when an athiest is outspoken about their lack of beleif in a god. They all want the privelege of being the one to save you (lol). It is not a sign from god that you should join them, it is a direct result of their willingness to beleive anything that their teachings tell them to do.

Religion is self-propigating BECAUSE of these teachings (and because many of us fail to escape the trap early enough in life).



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