I know many of you have seen Glenn Beck on Fox and are as sickened by the wacked-out message he is sending.  He claims that he is just putting two and two together and reading the signs on the wall. Personally, I think he is mixing apples with oranges and forcing people to eat fruit salad.  Whether he is identifiying a problem we have in the US with religious tension, or stirring up said tension himself, he is insinuating - daily- that "the time has come", that "the prefect storm is arrising".  He speaks not just of political unrest, but of Muslims bringing a caliphate to America, and We The People standing firm with the religion of our Founding Fathers (ha), and doing all things to the glory of God... yada yada yada.

Every other day or so, I catch about 5 minutes of his show while I am switching channels.  Yesterday, he was telling people -- once again -- to stockpile food, and to 'look around and know who your friends are'  while raising his eyebrows above his glasses.  He really frightens me and I don't even believe any of his jumbled, psychotic crap.  What scares me the most, is that I know tons of people who do.  I think that there are so many deluded Christians out there who have watched a little to much reality TV, read every book in the Left Behind Series, and played soooooooooo many video games, that they can't wait for the End Of The World to begin so they can 'kill people for Jesus'! 

And all this got me to thinking: What if this storyline plays out? Either way.. because he saw it coming, or he and the Fear-Mongers stirred it into action? 

How does a small atheist family in the middle of the Bible Belt defend itself? (Please don't advise me to stockpile weapons or join a compound.)

How will I maintain my beliefs without being targeted by my neighbors?

Where would you go to stay safe and when? 

How can the Atheist community do something of good measure to stop the religious people of the US before they do something stupid?  This is my real hope.....  Although I think Christians would see any uprising by Atheists as an attempt to wipe out Christianity and contribute to bringing about the end of the world.  

Or am I just playing into the whole delusion?

Any thoughts a welcome.

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You're not playing into the delusion, you're simply considering possibilities. All the religious nuts are referring to (If I'm not mistaken) Joel 2:29 in the new testament: "Even upon the menservants and maidservants in those days, I will pour out my spirit, and give portents to those in the heavens; and on the earth in blood, fire, and columns of smoke; the sun shall be turn to darkness, and the moon to blood, befor the great and terrible day of the lord comes." Okay, so let's pretend for a second that the bible (America's favorite national prop) is NOT full of shit. Well, you can see how spastic, paranoid, religious mongoloid heaps might interpret these absurdities into a reality. Blood? War. Fire? Sure, why not. Columns of smoke? 9/11. Sun to darkness and moon to blood? Means a solar and lunar eclipse in the same day. Next to impossible. So don't let weak minded faith-fucked fools scare you into anything, for that's all they are is once-intelligent individuals who, at some point, were dazzled by "brilliance", baffled with bullshit, and controlled by fear. If the world DOES come to a violent end, it will be because of those kinds of people killing each other to see who has the better imaginary friend.


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