I know many of you have seen Glenn Beck on Fox and are as sickened by the wacked-out message he is sending.  He claims that he is just putting two and two together and reading the signs on the wall. Personally, I think he is mixing apples with oranges and forcing people to eat fruit salad.  Whether he is identifiying a problem we have in the US with religious tension, or stirring up said tension himself, he is insinuating - daily- that "the time has come", that "the prefect storm is arrising".  He speaks not just of political unrest, but of Muslims bringing a caliphate to America, and We The People standing firm with the religion of our Founding Fathers (ha), and doing all things to the glory of God... yada yada yada.

Every other day or so, I catch about 5 minutes of his show while I am switching channels.  Yesterday, he was telling people -- once again -- to stockpile food, and to 'look around and know who your friends are'  while raising his eyebrows above his glasses.  He really frightens me and I don't even believe any of his jumbled, psychotic crap.  What scares me the most, is that I know tons of people who do.  I think that there are so many deluded Christians out there who have watched a little to much reality TV, read every book in the Left Behind Series, and played soooooooooo many video games, that they can't wait for the End Of The World to begin so they can 'kill people for Jesus'! 

And all this got me to thinking: What if this storyline plays out? Either way.. because he saw it coming, or he and the Fear-Mongers stirred it into action? 

How does a small atheist family in the middle of the Bible Belt defend itself? (Please don't advise me to stockpile weapons or join a compound.)

How will I maintain my beliefs without being targeted by my neighbors?

Where would you go to stay safe and when? 

How can the Atheist community do something of good measure to stop the religious people of the US before they do something stupid?  This is my real hope.....  Although I think Christians would see any uprising by Atheists as an attempt to wipe out Christianity and contribute to bringing about the end of the world.  

Or am I just playing into the whole delusion?

Any thoughts a welcome.

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Everyone in my family has a dual citizenship, EU as well as US, just in case of some disaster or another, and I probably won't stay in the US when I live on my own even if catastrophe isn't the case. I don't doubt a major war on US land, really, it's bound to happen at some point-- I think sooner rather than later. People all around the world are getting quite angry at our various conquests.


I'm not for stockpiling ammo and weapons to fend off hordes of rabid Christians (yet), but I do think that preparedness would help. Maybe some basic training in self-defense and weapons use, if the worst case scenario of a large-scale attack on our own territory occurs.

If you are

asking 'What Should Atheists Do If A Religious War between Christians, and Muslims breaks out In The US?', then I would have to say that Atheists should take up arms and fight alongside the Christians, against the Muslims!
Christianity is a more benign system than is Islam, towards Atheists, towards Women, towards Gays, toward Secular Scientific enquiry, discovery, and elucidation of the natural world. Christianity is more tolerant of Freethought, and human Freedom in general than is Islam, so even though we have gripes with Christianity we would be far better off siding with Christians in the potential battle for our civilization which you suppose with your question, may take place in America, as it is arguably or to my mind unarguably now taking place in Eurabia .
Many Atheists despise Christianity, but give Islam a pass, or even worse defend Islam even though Islam is the barbarous worse of the two. This is likely because these Atheists are uneducated regarding the more obscure Koran, and occulted ideology of Islam, but are well steeped in knowledge of Christianity because they grew up in that system. Most Atheists, just like most Christians are largely ignorant to the dangers posed to our modern world by this Rising Threat of Islam. If you think Atheists have it bad now living in a predominantly Christian America, and that living under Islam might be better, then you are truly ignorant of what 'submission' to Islam would mean for not only us Atheists, but for Women's rights, Gay rights, and indeed the very right for Gays to continue to live, and breathe in an Islamic State.

A Christian Islamic military war (which you propose with your question) in America if not won by Christians, with or without our (Atheists) help would set back our civilization, and perhaps civilization on the entire planet over 1000 years. If such a war as you suggest comes to pass, I recommend that the enemy of our enemy should become our friend, and we should fight alongside the Christians to retain the hard-won progress of Human civilization which has given us the progressive human rights, gay rights, women’s rights, animal rights, civil and educational rights and freedoms we would be denied given the dhimmitude status we would suffer under Islam.

If any of you Atheists would let our Christian friends, family and neighbours face the Islamic hordes (as proposed in the question) alone, then you are no friend to Women, no friend to Gays, no friend to Freedom of Speech, no friend to modernity, no friend to seeing the free and unfettered continuance of scientific enquiry, no friend to civilization, and no friend to me!

What nonsense.  No atheist I know despises Christianity while giving Islam "a pass."  Nor does the original proposition here refer to the possibility of a war between supposedly tolerant Christians (yeah, right) and "the Islamic hordes."  The topic in question here concerns the possibility of organized, violent repression of nonbelievers in this country by the Christian majority.  This anonymous writer's take is off the wall and offensive as well.
Much agreed, Don! My post in no way implied that atheists should choose which religion to side with. That is a no-brainer. The question is, bluntly - What if my christian neighbors commit to silence or dispatch me and my family because glen beck has convinced them all atheists are traitors. End of story.

Kristin, if the 'Question is Bluntly' that "glen beck has convinced them all atheists are traitors. End of story." Then why didn't you say so in the rambling mishmash of a question above, and saved me the trouble of responding at all.


You yourself mentioned the Muslim Caliphate as being the source of tension, and nowhere else did you say that Glen Beck or his acolytes were planning on coming to kill atheists.


I clearly said that "If" you were asking what I thought you were asking, (I had to decipher, and infer from your rambling) 'Then' I would have to say that Atheists should take up arms and fight alongside the Christians, against the Muslims!


However since you don't seem to be talking about a potential Muslim Caliphate/ Christian conflict on American soil as you described being warned of by Glenn Beck as you eluded to in your post, but merely expressing paranoia that the Christians are going all military Jihad against Atheists, then I guess my comments do not apply, so feel free to disregard them entirely as I was merely replying to what I thought you were asking.


I have a spare can of beans, and some Camo Duct Tape left over from my last wildlife photography safari that you are welcome to if you think it will come in handy in trying to evade the Christians, so bunker down by all means, and excuse my misreading of your supposedly very plain question above.

Please excuse my literary ineptness. I'm none but a simple housewife. I didn't mean to confuse you with my prattle. I will try to be more clear in the future.
Everyone else has understood you quite well, Kristin. "Ratzinger" evidently has his own ax to grind.

The fact that he would even choose the handle "J. Ratzinger" is indicative of the state of mind that you are dealing with. What intellectually serious person would offer ideas into a discussion while choosing to name his/her handle and represent him/herself as a proven sex offender and Hitler Youth?


Pay no mind and don't feed the trolls.

Kristin's question is one that should be taken seriously.  What she is suggesting has happened, recently, in supposedly civilized "christian" nations.



Since you do not know 'all' Atheists, then your protestations on that point are of little worth. I know many Atheists who give Islam a pass, and who also defend Islam against criticism. As for your claim that 'my take' was "Offensive" to you, I frankly do not care if you are offended! You have no right to not be offended, so be offended if you like by all means be offended.


Muslims too think they have a right to not be offended, and have a propensity to riot, and burn, and decipitate, and blow things, and people into wee small little pieces if they feel offended by cartoons or comments, or anything else they deem to be offensive, so you aren't alone in being easily offended oh thin skinned one.

Hey Ratzinger.  Please dispense with the ad hom as it violates forum guidelines.  If you can't play nice, take a timeout, please.





Hey Reggie. I say what I like! You must of course take whatever action you deem fit. If I am unwelcome on the website then feel free to delete my membership or ask whosoever you like to do so on your behalf or on behalf of the people who are offended by whatever I have to say, otherwise leave me alone.


I come to the website occasionally to read this and that, but I comment infrequently, so there will be no great loss to the community, and no loss to me whatsoever if you or the owners ban me from here. I am fully self-sufficient and need no support in maintaining my Atheism so I will be fine without it.


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