I know many of you have seen Glenn Beck on Fox and are as sickened by the wacked-out message he is sending.  He claims that he is just putting two and two together and reading the signs on the wall. Personally, I think he is mixing apples with oranges and forcing people to eat fruit salad.  Whether he is identifiying a problem we have in the US with religious tension, or stirring up said tension himself, he is insinuating - daily- that "the time has come", that "the prefect storm is arrising".  He speaks not just of political unrest, but of Muslims bringing a caliphate to America, and We The People standing firm with the religion of our Founding Fathers (ha), and doing all things to the glory of God... yada yada yada.

Every other day or so, I catch about 5 minutes of his show while I am switching channels.  Yesterday, he was telling people -- once again -- to stockpile food, and to 'look around and know who your friends are'  while raising his eyebrows above his glasses.  He really frightens me and I don't even believe any of his jumbled, psychotic crap.  What scares me the most, is that I know tons of people who do.  I think that there are so many deluded Christians out there who have watched a little to much reality TV, read every book in the Left Behind Series, and played soooooooooo many video games, that they can't wait for the End Of The World to begin so they can 'kill people for Jesus'! 

And all this got me to thinking: What if this storyline plays out? Either way.. because he saw it coming, or he and the Fear-Mongers stirred it into action? 

How does a small atheist family in the middle of the Bible Belt defend itself? (Please don't advise me to stockpile weapons or join a compound.)

How will I maintain my beliefs without being targeted by my neighbors?

Where would you go to stay safe and when? 

How can the Atheist community do something of good measure to stop the religious people of the US before they do something stupid?  This is my real hope.....  Although I think Christians would see any uprising by Atheists as an attempt to wipe out Christianity and contribute to bringing about the end of the world.  

Or am I just playing into the whole delusion?

Any thoughts a welcome.

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I look forward to reading it, Don. And being fond of detective novels, I'm looking up your other books as well.
I look forward to reading your novels now, too. I'm extremely find of quotations and you used one of my all time favorites. Additionally, the theme of your next book makes me believe we see things similarly. Thanks for the bits of proactive advice to quell some of my anxiety. I appreciate that.
What is an atheistic witch. Sounds like an oxymoron. Fantasy is fantasy i suppose, but could you explain this concept, as i dont read much fiction.
Maybe he meant to say "warlock"?  I don't see how it is an oxymoron.  If Wiccans can be called witches, then there are atheist witches.

Reggie, respectfully you may want to look into the Wiccan tradition a little further. In my understanding it does not use reason and logic as founding principles as it is primarily associated with paganism or polytheism and was founded long before the age of reason. Fiction is fiction!

Maybe he meant to say bitch.

Oh, I never meant to imply that logic or reason were pillars of Wicca.  But neither are they necessary for atheism.  Now, if scientific atheism is how you view atheism, then I would say that they were necessary.  But I have come across plenty of irrational, unreasonable, and illogical atheists.

Wicca, most people who study these things will say, is a recent religion (though certainly based on very old Celtic druidical worship and ritual), dating to Gardner's writing in the 1930s.  Fiction, as joseph suggests, will take its entertaining liberties with history, as everyone who reads fiction knows well. 

In the minor case of my young adult novel, the witches are practical humans who possess extraordinary skills--called "magick"--skills that are ostensibly based on "science" and reason.  That is, there is supposed to be a logic to them.  It's a conceit of plot and situation.  I hope it works.  But nowhere in the story do I allude to wicca.  My witches are more like the witches in Pullman's GOLDEN COMPASS.

Ok, I will not advise you to stockpile guns....  I'll just do that myself :-D
The guns won't be the issue--a good .357 carbine in stainless and a sidearm in the same caliber (or in .44, if you prefer) ought to do, augmented by a Remington 870.  The issue will be the ammo.  That's what you'll have to stockpile.  ;)
If any one follows current events, one would realize that almost without exception most credible military analyists predict within the next ten years there is a better than 50 percent chance that at least one major American city will be atttacked with weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological or nuclear. If this were to happen as forcasted, most probably to a coastly city where you would just sail a boat in loaded with whatever and possibly tens of thousands to a million or more people perish, I gaurantee you the world will change as we know it. Certainly marshall law will be declared and certain civil rights restricted that we take for granted. Then there are all the unknown factors, such as who is responsible and what do we do in retaliation. This could be an isolated incident or the start of something much larger. The religious whack jobs will see it as the beginning of Armageddon and behave accordingly. We live in a world that is either primarily uneducated and ignorant and ruled by the religous majority. It does not hurt, especially if one a has young family to be prepared for the the unexpected in whatever form you see fit. You know those looking forward to paradise will not go as willinigly as you might think and are organized to resist. Expect the unexpected.    Joseph

War is already happening over resources around the globe.  The USA is deeply involved, being one of the largest IMCs (Industrial Military Complexes) in the world.  Our government is in the business of war. We also use the hogs share of worlds resources, therefore we are exploiting the rest of the world for their resources. With China and India now competing with us for the worlds remaining resources like oil things can only get worse.  So it is inevitable that war will come knocking at our door as resources become more finite.  God, and religion will once again be called upon for ideologies to support war, as in the past.  Political and religious leaders will use religion to justify their actions.  As we all know God will once again be on all sides of the conflict supporting war as he always has, in the name of peace and justice.


As a moral, ethical, intelligent, agnostic I still believe and choose to live by the ideologies and principles of the golden rule. Therefore I am a conscientious objector when it comes to war. For I know all war is contrived because it is profitable. I know war is because the greed of our leaders are trying to secure resources to sustain an economic system that is now clearly unsustainable. A government who is linked and controlled by an economy, that will fail as it has refused to accept that the American way of life is not sustainable. It refuses to see that Capitalism in a centralized banking system is doomed to failure because it is a pyramid scheme that has run its course.


Glen Beck is a fool as we all know, But political pressures on an ever growing world population about to collide with the reality of their own economic failure and resource depletion is a dangerous mix. Some one will have to be blamed and religion will undoubtedly raise it's ugly head up, to flame the fires of conflict and war. I would suggest not being in a place where blame could cost you and your family your lives.

We are #1 by a long shot. Our military budget alone is almost as much as the entire world combined and gauranteed to grow unless we wake up and turn the guns into plowshares. There are too many people on this planet consuming to many resources that are not being recovered. We are rapidly killing everything in the oceans and it is going unnoticed because most people never even realize that the majority of most commercial fish are now being farmed, with its own set of consequences. The long term outlook is bleak and as you so wisely state war for resources such as clean water or oil is inevitable. As in everything, God gave us the resources to exploit and is on our side. It is too bad such a wonderful planet will very possibly go down the drain because of greed and bronze age ignorance.


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