I know many of you have seen Glenn Beck on Fox and are as sickened by the wacked-out message he is sending.  He claims that he is just putting two and two together and reading the signs on the wall. Personally, I think he is mixing apples with oranges and forcing people to eat fruit salad.  Whether he is identifiying a problem we have in the US with religious tension, or stirring up said tension himself, he is insinuating - daily- that "the time has come", that "the prefect storm is arrising".  He speaks not just of political unrest, but of Muslims bringing a caliphate to America, and We The People standing firm with the religion of our Founding Fathers (ha), and doing all things to the glory of God... yada yada yada.

Every other day or so, I catch about 5 minutes of his show while I am switching channels.  Yesterday, he was telling people -- once again -- to stockpile food, and to 'look around and know who your friends are'  while raising his eyebrows above his glasses.  He really frightens me and I don't even believe any of his jumbled, psychotic crap.  What scares me the most, is that I know tons of people who do.  I think that there are so many deluded Christians out there who have watched a little to much reality TV, read every book in the Left Behind Series, and played soooooooooo many video games, that they can't wait for the End Of The World to begin so they can 'kill people for Jesus'! 

And all this got me to thinking: What if this storyline plays out? Either way.. because he saw it coming, or he and the Fear-Mongers stirred it into action? 

How does a small atheist family in the middle of the Bible Belt defend itself? (Please don't advise me to stockpile weapons or join a compound.)

How will I maintain my beliefs without being targeted by my neighbors?

Where would you go to stay safe and when? 

How can the Atheist community do something of good measure to stop the religious people of the US before they do something stupid?  This is my real hope.....  Although I think Christians would see any uprising by Atheists as an attempt to wipe out Christianity and contribute to bringing about the end of the world.  

Or am I just playing into the whole delusion?

Any thoughts a welcome.

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I worry more about how the world is becoming more and more a like a giant house of cards

based on computers that can go very wrong and the speed at which they allow massive numbers

of humans to connect with each other (although I suppose the latter could be a good thing in some situations). I recently read an Article in Atlantic magazine:



about a computer worm called Conficker (this happened a couple years ago). The worm works like fireants. They get all over you but don't bite until they are amassed to avoid detection. Then one of them gives a signal and they all bite at once and it hurts like holy hell. Put that in context of a computer virus doing a similar deed but inside of one, two, or three countries' missile or nuclear computer operational programs.

Imagine that. 

I watched an interesting show on the History Channel a few weeks ago called the "Mystery of

Flight 447" and basically, the point they made at the end of the show, after going into 

the detailed timeline of recorded events leading up to the crash into the Atlantic Ocean,

is that the airline pilots may not be getting enough practical experience of being able to competently manually handle a plane in situations where the computer is malfunctioning for whatever reason as more and more computer auto-pilot systems are used in controlling and flying modern planes, leaving the pilots with less hands-on experience in performing tasks in terms of navigation and troubleshooting, etc.


Now I ask myself, surely the training programs take this into consideration?  Apparently, this is not a given, or they would not have talked about it at the conclusion of the show. I assume acknowledging this dilemma may help change the ways in which pilots are trained. You know how it goes, it takes a disaster or several of them, before something gets changed. Things get complex and it is difficult to foresee all the intricate combinations of variables that can intersect at a single point in time causing one cluster f*** of a chain reaction leading to disaster which seems to be the case of what happened to flight 447. The black box was never recovered but even so, they did manage to come up with a lot of data due to the satellite GPS data tracking systems. But unless the black box is recovered, I don't think anyone will ever absolutely know, what transpired to cause the deaths of 228 people that stormy night, although they did a good job of making a convincing  theoretical scenario of what most likely happened.    


This is a link (below) that talks a little bit about the crash but it does not go into detail like the History Channel did.



Oh yeah, and what about last year when the stock market dropped 1000 points in a matter of

hours and I don't think that was ever fully explained.


What is this about whole countries going bankrupt? I think it all comes down to humans maybe placing too much faith in technology (though this can be understandible).


Oh well, blah, blah. I get like this late at night lol. I should call myself rambling rose instead of flower lol.

Airbus planes are fly by wire which means that the control surfaces are not linked by hydraulic lines like older planes. Many heralded this development because it saves weight and allows for more precise control of the plane by the on board computers thus saving fuel. Problem is that it has long been established that the safest way to run any machine is to have an operator  that is watched by a computer not a computer that must be watched by humans. In the first scenario the untiring computer keeps an eye on multiple systems and alerts the operator when something is amiss allowing the operator to take corrective action. In the second and what is becoming more popular scenario. The humans sit back while the computer drives. Only humans get bored and fall asleep. Humans cannot scan all systems fast enough to take over from the computer when something is amiss.  It is not so much that the tool (technology )is bad it is that it has been applied in an incorrect fashion.
I'll bring my chair too and more beer :)
I don;t consider the question posed to be a legitimate concern, although I can understand the concern.  However, to play along, if we saw a "religious" war of some kind where atheists are being violently persecuted?  Here is what you do; always offer to say grace at mealtime.
I agree, even though pundits like Glenn Beck try and make it seem like it's the end of the world everyday on television and his words are amplified thousands of times through out the U.S this way, it doesn't strike me that there is an upheaval in the works concerning a holy war there, not anytime soon at least. But if those were the circumstances, I would go with your advice... or just move to Canada soon enough, maybe.
Canada is an option, too.  But, I figure it may just be easier to do what a good amount of people already do each Sunday; pretend to believe.  At least then I could be with my family and friends, still.
The Supreme Court has made some egregious decisions in recent years (sticking W. in the White House was certainly one of them), but defending every American's right to free speech (even hateful speech), a decision which has considerable and amply justifiable precedent, is not one of them.
A friend writes, "Fred Phelps is the best recruiter for atheism in the country, and I would hate to see him muzzled. He forces christians to see where the logical conclusion of their silly dogma leads. As much as they would like to disown Fred, he gets his "...authority" from the exact same scriptures so-called "moderate christians" use to discriminate against gays in all areas of society. The problem is NOT Fred Phelps, the problem is the social acceptance of belief in nonsense without evidence. Question the generic social acceptance, not the antics of one particular nutball."

A tad bit severe possibily, but I would go along with about five of them having a nice stroke.

Thomas seems ripe, doesn't he?  And maybe Scalia.
BTW - Kristen B,  I am sure where you live is a reason you feel like you do. I live in the very liberal state of Maryland so although I am not having Christianity shoved in my face, we do have a very broad spectrum of religions here. I've had my own umm "conversations" with a couple of Jehovahs who live below my apartment. But I have no fear of any of the religious-ness that you would have to deal with.  In reference to the side-bar conversation of the Supreme Court that was started, I agree the decision was correct if not sad. However I actually think that "church" paints alls religions with a bad if not heinous and ridiculous name which I'm ok with, and if a religious apologist comes to me and says well I practice a different religion or we don't ave those beliefs I would come back and say, yes, you do. So to keep our conversations current, I would say Atheists - WINNING!
When you see trucks with angry man entering your town, there is still time to move, after that sucks to be an American.


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