As the title says..."what's your favourite question to ask a theist"?

You may have many favourites...I would like to hear from you guys about yours.

I have a personal favourite which I often use when they start spouting their spew that GOD wrote the bible at the beginning of time, he created everything....

"OK. If GOD wrote the BIBLE at the beginning of time like you say...some 14.5 BILLION, that's BILLION years ago, What language was it written in?"

Most theists I know don't even know what language JESUS spoke. It's sad really.

Another of my favourites is this one...

"Why did it take GOD 10 BILLION years to make the planet EARTH and then a further 4.5 BILLION years to make MAN?"

There's always a spewy reply of some sort or another which usually gets my goat and the theist is appalled at my outburst of laughter.

So come on you guys....let 'em have it....share your ammo with us.

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Don't you find talking face to face with non theists laborious?

I certainly do when the conversation turns to god and why I don't believe.

My smiling or laughing face has a general ill effect. One which I cannot help.

I need to get out of the discussion as quick as I can when I find myself at the mercy of the brainwashed.

Usually they'll start with the good one..."I'm not going to try to preach to you but...." and then the drooling starts.

I usually can stomach a couple of minutes, then I'm all in with the "you're not really serious are you?. I mean really have you taken a minute to think?"

I had a perfect example the other day.

I have done some roof work for an old lady who has been let down by a contractor to stop her leaking roof.

Twice I have been back to fix parts of the property aside from what I had originally done.

After the recent hurricane I go back and out of the blue the lady asks me if I'm atheist or what denomination? To which I quickly reply that I'm atheist.

She continues to tell me how real god is and this and that.

I confirm that he is not fixing her roof issues. I am. She doesn't get it.

There's no swaying the theist. They have to find out for themselves.

I have so many stories from my experience with a local retired minister.

One time she asked me to come over and fix a phone speeker system that was not loud enough. I looked the system over, it seemed to be working, but it was not loud enough. Talking with the minister it became rather obvious that she needed hearing aides! We talked about this possibility, but she kept coming back with, 'God will cure me, I will just pray on it!' I suggested that hearing aides could be considered, 'God's work', getting money for them could be considered 'prayer answered'! I guess my message sunk in, she showed up with aides a few weeks latter.

Sadly, they seem so focused upon their religion, that they can' use their minds for the simple obvious solutions that are right in front of their face!

I might be over generalizing, but there does seem to be a tendency!


Why did she call you in the first place, instead of praying for the speaker system to self-repair/?

Hey, if parting a sea is no big deal, not to mention creating a universe, what's a speaker system?

'God's' vanity is ok, yours is not I guess?

Damn, I have a whole list of hardware and supplies, I would like to have, but Nooo...

So all children from the moment of birth should be put out of their misery.  It takes years for them to grow up and accept Jesus.  Until then they are sinners.

So what you are saying is that once again god made us sick, and then hates us because he fucked up? How can a perfect being make mistakes of this magnitude?

Also, the simple fact that you even want to try and justify murder of children makes me sick.

The death of children is very sad.  But we are sinners and sinful from birth, enemies of God.  God punished all of Egypt with the death of their firstborn, even the cattle.  And who are we to say how God should deal with his enemies.

Didn't god harden Pharaoh's heart so that he would have an excuse to murder the children? If he can harden his heart, why not soften it and make sure the Jews would be free?

Who are we to say how god should deal with his enemies? Apparently we are a lot more loving, caring, compassionate, understanding and sane, if this is how he handles his business.

Can you honestly look at the condition of the world and the human race and declare that this god of yours is a godof justice?  No way.

A question I like to ask to all creationists: "How can you imagine an independent Chihuahua living in the nature?"

Oh I love that one.  I pictured Princess, the vicious Chihuahua monster who hates me passionately, surviving in the wild.  I love dogs, but Princess is a deranged pseudo-alpha female wolf-bitch wannabe with some kind of selective Napolean complex.  In the wild, she would have nobody to bring her food to her cushy little bed like her humans do now.

I'll be seeing Princess in a few minutes.  I'm going to taunt her with , "You're no wolf.  I know wolves - and you're not one.  God, out of spite and hatred for the world, created the vicious, loathsome beast that you are.  Why?  I don't know."  

There was no original dog. They evolved from wolves. Genetic mutation is not "always bad". That is a christian idea of evolution.

@Paul McKinney

The mutation that gives those of recent African decent an increased immunity to malaria is 'good', in my opinion at least.  The mutation that gives Ashkenazi Jews an increase immunity to tuberculosis is 'good', in my opinion.  The various mutations that allow extremophiles to live in extreme environments are good for them - don't you think.  Did you need some more specific examples?


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