As the title says..."what's your favourite question to ask a theist"?

You may have many favourites...I would like to hear from you guys about yours.

I have a personal favourite which I often use when they start spouting their spew that GOD wrote the bible at the beginning of time, he created everything....

"OK. If GOD wrote the BIBLE at the beginning of time like you say...some 14.5 BILLION, that's BILLION years ago, What language was it written in?"

Most theists I know don't even know what language JESUS spoke. It's sad really.

Another of my favourites is this one...

"Why did it take GOD 10 BILLION years to make the planet EARTH and then a further 4.5 BILLION years to make MAN?"

There's always a spewy reply of some sort or another which usually gets my goat and the theist is appalled at my outburst of laughter.

So come on you guys....let 'em have it....share your ammo with us.

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I've used it mid laugh for decades.

"Were there any children on the planet when God flooded it? What about Sodom and Gomorrah? I have a hard time believing that there weren't, given humanity's ability to breed like fucking jack rabbits..."

Some of these questions could easily be dismissed. All they would say is something like "well gawd works in mysterious ways", or "our gawd can do whatever da fuck he wanna do, because he is gawd". We come with questions that aren't so easy to dismiss, like Did Judas did judas hang himself, our did he jump of a cliff as your bible has a couple renditions of his so called suicide?

OMG! There are too many ones to count. lol... I guess I just put a few down here:

1. You say you want equal time for creationism? Okay... I demand that you teach ALL creationisms with equal time.... (start naming off as many different creation myths as possible... the more bizarre the better.)

2. If Adam and Eve were the first humans and doesn't that mean that Cains wife was his sister? Or did Adam feel like "sharing?"

3. How did God create light before the sun or the stars?

4. If Satan is a great deceiver... how do you know that you've really been following God and not Satan?

5. If everything was intelligently designed... it looks like the designer had no idea what he was doing! Look at how sloppy his work is! 

Science tells us we are all descended from one female, so I guess incest is in our blood,

Whatever kind of incest it takes. The family that plays together stays together. ;)


1. Biology should be taught in a biology class. Theology should be taught with religion or philosophy. It's a simple matter of categorization. \

2. Obviously, you missed that biology class or you are pulling a classic this-is-how-things-work-so-lets-make-it-fit-with-my-beliefs scenario.

3. ... Except that God is considered to be an invisible, omnipresent force.

4. And people can be raised to think that somethings that people consider good, like taking in a stray, injured animal, are bad (because it might have rabies or some such).

5. And you probably just don't understand enough about biology to know that you are wrong.

But on a serious note, I understand what you are doing here. You are seeing what you think are misconceptions about your religion and trying to correct people. I can appreciate that, but you would be better served by creating a new discussion thread than spreading your opinions and answers all through this one.

Normally I stay on the side lines looking in, mostly because I am trying to have a nice day, but I think I should step into what ever this is.

Dear Paul:

If Adam and Eve's children had children together, how could you possibly claim that that population, starting with two folks, could have greater genetic diversity than our population at present, of ~7 billion?

I might grant you that the biblical story is true, just for giggles, but given the amount of time since, the amount of genetic drift/variation/mutations would create a greater genetic diversity than would have been present in that older population.

I think you are attempting to exploit present knowledge concerning biology and genetics to pretend to offer insight into some religious myth. You desire to use the sciences for some attempt at validation, but then, in the next breath denign the utility and value of the sciences when it conflicts with dogma. You want your cake and eat it to! Sadly, trying to speek the language of biology/genetics, does not reflect back upon the myth with any real help.

I remember a wonderful conversation in a philosophy class about 25 years ago concerning the concept of 'good'. While your experience might tell you that 'good things are good', which by the way is an emthy totology, it is not true under all conditions, unless one is of limited experience. Without offering a complete listing of all exceptions, I would suggest you do your home work. While it is tempting to make over arching generalizations, especially when it comes to 'certainty', the search for complete knowledge most times gives complexity and exceptions.

'God is light', how very charming. Do you follow 'My Little Pony' by any chance?  

@James Cox

The theist just replied to you with more bullshit without indicating that the reply was to you - so just follow the link to this reply to find his reply so you can intellectually body slam him.  That is all.

Where in the world do I start? So much to do, so little time --

Then the flood happened and drastically cut down the genetic diversity in humanity - which caused us all to live much shorter lives.

I think that at the tower of Bable, God gave the different languages to the people who would become the different races of people

The flood didn't happen ( I gave you a link to evidence, which you clearly  chose not to use.

The Tower of Babel Fable didn't happen either, it referred to the building of a Sumerian ziggurat in Mesopotamia, and the purpose of that was never to reach heaven, but to provide a place for the Sumerian gods (I can give you the entire pantheon if you need it) to rest when they visited earth.

If the tower myth were actually true, a wise god would keck back in his celestial Laz-e-boy and cackle his holy ass off as the builders reached the height where they ran out of oxygen and passed out - no language confusion necessary.

RE: "(I consider evolution faith and not science)" - our science has supporting evidence, your "faith" has none.

RE: "And why does God who created everything need something to make light other than himself?" - why does Jack need to climb the bean stalk? - hey, a fairy tale is a fairy tale, you can't explain that --


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