As the title says..."what's your favourite question to ask a theist"?

You may have many favourites...I would like to hear from you guys about yours.

I have a personal favourite which I often use when they start spouting their spew that GOD wrote the bible at the beginning of time, he created everything....

"OK. If GOD wrote the BIBLE at the beginning of time like you say...some 14.5 BILLION, that's BILLION years ago, What language was it written in?"

Most theists I know don't even know what language JESUS spoke. It's sad really.

Another of my favourites is this one...

"Why did it take GOD 10 BILLION years to make the planet EARTH and then a further 4.5 BILLION years to make MAN?"

There's always a spewy reply of some sort or another which usually gets my goat and the theist is appalled at my outburst of laughter.

So come on you guys....let 'em have it....share your ammo with us.

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Oh there's an answer to that one always eh?

That's good.

[Playing devil's advocate - pun intended] 

Christian: God didn't make you an atheist... you decided to be an atheist.

If God told you that the tables were turned, and sinning was now the only way to get to heaven, and doing good things would send you to hell, how would you live your life? Obeying God and going to heaven, or being a good person?

(PS the Bible says you should do the whole 'obey God' thing; see the story of Abraham & Isaac, among others)

Likewise, on Christianity, convince me that Andrea Yates wasn't doing God's Will, as she claimed.

You can't claim killing your own child is wrong on Biblical principles: Abraham & Isaac, Deuteronomy 21:18-21, 1 Samuel 15:3 (Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants)Deuteronomy 7:1-11 (when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally), etc.

So... Why didn't God stay Yates' hand?

They would simply respond "God would never do that."

except that he basically did. See the Abraham/Isaac story.

Funny stuff.

I like it...LOL

That makes you think eh?

...about loving god with all your heart, sould and mind.

 Matthew 10:34

goes a little like so: Think not that I am come to bring peace, I have not come to bring peace, nay; a sword. I am come to bring division, to divide the five into two and three. The father against son, and son against father, the mother against daughter and daughter against mother. Man's enemy shall be they of his own household. He who loveth son more than me, is not worthy of me! He who loveth daughter more than me, is not worthy of me!


The idea of loving god with all your might sounds quite lovely when it doesn't sound like matthew 10:34

But it does sound a lot like the Abraham/Isaac story.

As we know there are about 120 different species of Woodpecker don’t you think Noah was very brave to allow 240 breeding woodpeckers into his wooden ark?

Wasn’t Noah brilliant to be able to drop off the penguins in Antarctica and then bring the polar bears to the Arctic? Does the bible tell us which was first?

They might respond: They migrated and micro-evolved in the last few thousand years.

if a creationist christian ever used the word "micro-evolved" I would laugh in their face


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