What's up with the word xian? I mean are you really so anti-christian you can't bring yourself to use the word "christ"? Really? It just seems to be a deliberate way to offend, and that seems kind of intolerant to me. We expect intolerance from religions. Atheists should be above that sort of thing. OK, defend the use of the word xian. Show me where I'm wrong.

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HEY - I'm an OKian, and I find the shortening of OK to just K to be offensive. What, you are so intolerant of OKians and you hate the word OK so much you can't bring yourself to simply type the extra letter? Atheists should be above that thing.


(excuse me while I go get a towel to wipe up the sarcasm dripping from my keyboard...)


I support the use of XXXmas and XXXians.  Their holiday parties are always a blast.

What a waste of bytes.... take this rubbish thread down!... a non-xian

Well, the guy DID want to be shown where he's wrong.

I've heard actual Christians use the term 'xian' to refer to themselves. But black people casually refer to each other as n***s, as a term of endearment. I think it's kind of a way to make fun of those who gave it to them. As in a way to mock them. 

For instance, I read in "Emotional Bulls***" a book not related to religion but to how people treat others disrespectfully, a couple with children divorced. The dad complained to the son about how the boy's mom was asking for too much child support, how she wanted it to buy herself some new nice clothes and a souped up car... etc. When the boy visited his mom and he relayed the message to his mom, she laughed and joked. "Yeah, like I really need new clothes- I got a closet full already! And I don't need a Jaguar, my Ford's good enough for me!" They boy laughed. When he returned to his dad, who inquired on the child support, the boy honestly told his dad that his mom laughed. What did the mom do? She turned her ex-husband's unkind remarks into humor. Bullies can't carry a comeback to an insult-made-joke....

X is actually Chi, the Greek letter for CH, and is used in many Bibles as shorthand for CHrist. Also, X-mas. It's handy that one letter can replace six, so people use it, particularly when writing alot.

Oops, I see above someone already explained this. nvm.

It's shorthand. It has no positive or negative connotations.  Why would it? Lots of things are shortened to initials or abbreviations for no other reason than convenience. My husband is Dave and I am Hels and my daughter is Lu and no-one feels remotely offended by this. I also call myself a carer rather than a domiciliary care worker and I study Eng Lit at uni.

I understand that a Christian may feel a certain reverence for words with the name Christ in it but they are under absolutely no pressure to shorten the name in any way.

The X abbreviation has been around for quite a long time, but it's only recently that it's become offensive. It's kind of like saying "Happy holidays" is akin to declaring war on Christmas. It's...not. Some people just get off on moral panic, I guess.

the earliest x-man

Seek ye first the kingdom of Net, and everything will be revealed: http://atheism.about.com/library/glossary/western/bldef_xian.htm

• x = ch[ristos] and his magical monogram XP

The writers of the so-called new testament wrote a form of simplified Greek: koiné (common) Greek. In the eastern Mediterranean koiné was the language of merchants -- much as English is now used among European sales reps not sharing a common first language.

XP the first two letters = chr becomes a magical monogram where P (rho) is superimposed on X (chi). XP is a guaranteed demon remover. It will keep your church demon free in the midst of what Sagan called “the demon haunted world.” Search term: xp symbol -- will evoke images of the overlapping XP monogram in numerous forms dating from earliest xian cult.

In future put your indignation on hold until you have done your own research. Unlike among xian fundies, among atheists ignorance is not a virtue.

that anti_supernaturalist

 - I mean are you really so anti-christian you can't bring yourself to use the word "christ" -

On a side note, in the Netherlands certain groups of extremely devout Protestants defy to pronounce the word Christ with a proper Chi as phonetically in Kristos or latinized form Kristus, instead they pronounce the Chi in very loose accordance with modern Greek as a Dutch "G" the sound doesn't occur in English (not really in modern and not at all in ancient Greek - or Latin) but it's like the sound you make when you have a fishbone stuck in your throat. So you can hear them devoutly pronounce Christ as "Gristus" which after a while begins to sounds a lot like "Griezel" which is Dutch for "ghoul" or "creep."

I think it is equal parts funny and annoying.


It just seems to be a deliberate way to offend, and that seems kind of intolerant to me. ...defend the use of the word xian. Show me where I'm wrong.


I grew up with people using Xmas as an abbreviation all the time, including my religious family. Somewhere along the line, someone falsely assumed that the "X" must be an attempt by anti-theists to "take Christ out of Christmas." Many believers have since jumped on this bandwagon (including my entire family who used to sign cards with Merry Xmas) despite the fact that the letter X has stood for Christ for quite some time, and was never intended as an insult to Christians.


Stop drinking the kool-aid. Google is your friend.


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