What's the strangest experience you had had with another person?

It was my second semester in college, i was talking with a classmate while we sat on the floor; i was with legs close to me and wide open.Out of the blue, a girl coming out of class sits between my lap. Neither of us knew the girl, we stared at her expecting to either say or do something. After a few minutes, she moves from such an intimate position to a less crotchy area within my legs until we decided to leave.

Destiny would make us meet for a couple of years, sometimes taking classes together, that always ended in her being rejected or ignored. Not for the action above described, though.

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You should have asked her out.

My strangest experience with another person, I was driving through Dallas with the windows rolled down, and My family was in the car with me. We all happened to look out the window, and we saw what we can only describe as a U.F.O. It was a flying object which we could not identify. It was some sort of black military plane, and it was fast as hell, only in sight for about 10 seconds. The strangest thing about it was it had been right next to the overpass we were on, and then out over the horizon in front of us, and we never heard a sound outside of the normal traffic. The windows were rolled down and everything. For something moving that fast, it should have at least displaced the wind a little bit, and have an engine sound, but nothing. There was no noise from it. Occasionally I think about it and can only conclude, WTF?

I did that, no going out, but try to know her better, spend time with her and see if something comes up for almost a year, however i never found her attractive nor she had any trait that i could far over for.

Something similar happened to me, it was by the river in my hometown, a saw a light on the distance moving in a straight line faster than anything i ever saw. Years later, i learn to differentiate low orbit satellites, i discovered that it was just that. Just like that, my great story lost its strangeness.

She sounds like a bit of a funny one. 

I can't stop laughing. I know that feeling, main difference i don't want to go through that.

If you talk to anyone who has been in a car crash (me, recently, ha!) you will find that they also experienced the SLOW effect you're describing just before actual physical contact occurred. 

I was reading a recent scientific article from the BBC that discussed measuring brain waves at the point of death, and establishing that there is rapid high level activity just at that point.  They were contemplating whether that explained some of the 'near death experiences' that have been documented. It's an easy read, go on, click :)

I heard about that wreck --

Yes, she wasn't in the car - it was in February, and I was traveling down from the capital in my colleagues car.  He accelerated to pass another car, on a corner in the ice - and he lost control and we spun on the highway, crashed over the barrier and across the gulley, up the other side and ended up on the northbound highway facing the traffic.  Over $5k damage to the car, but we were OK - my wife came to collect us from the local gas station where we were towed.  I even got to ride there in the police car as the tow truck didn't have room for me as well.

At the point where he had lost control, and the crash was inevitable, everything went into complete slow motion.  I had time to adjust my seat belt so it wasn't on my neck, take off my spectacles, face the windscreen squarely, relax my body for impact and think "right, here we go, this is going to be a new experience, I wonder what will happen and whether I will die or be injured" but I had no fear, no negative concerns, just a sense of being ready and prepared. That sensation, I later discovered, is very common for anyone who has been in a severe car crash, and I think it is akin to what you felt when you saw those women coming towards you.

Thank you for your concern, honey :)

Sometimes that ride in a police car isn't all the fun it's cracked up to be.

That's very similar to how I felt preceding my wreck. I prepared and relaxed. It seemed to take forever. I don't remember feeling afraid.

I rolled a car once with a trailer on back - same thing, slo-mo and no fear.

Too many to mention. 


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