Take a look at this article about kids trashing a man's home.

A man goes on vacation and discovers that his house has been trashed by hundreds of teen partiers, vandalizing his home, drinking, and using drugs. He found out about it the way so much crime is discovered nowadays, through Twitter and other social media.

What he did was to use the same social media against them, by reposting their own photos and asking for them to be identified. The arrests are well under way.

What he finds most disturbing, though, is that the parents of many of the children seem more outraged by his identifying them publicly than by the home invasion, vandalism, and underage drug and alcohol abuse of their children.

He offered to let the offenders back in to help fix things up, but so far he has few takers.

Is this a case of what's the matter with kids today or what's the matter with parents today?

Your thoughts?

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Unseen - Ive never felt "superior" to men. I like men being men and women being women. I do think theres a difference between the sexes. I do think that men are better at certain things and women at others. I dont agree that men and women are the same.

I believe we are equal in rights but not in the way we behave and what we need.. I dislike intensely testosterone filled women. They make lousy mothers.

It seems strange to evaluate women based on the kind of mother they would be.  That sounds like a legacy from a church doctrine.


"It seems strange to evaluate women based on the kind of mother they would be."

Pardon Strega? We are talking about parents - arent we?

I don't evaluate women based on the kind of mother  ... what?

What are you going to scratch at now?


I believe we are equal in rights but not in the way we behave and what we need.. I dislike intensely testosterone filled women. They make lousy mothers.

It was this statement that puzzled me.  I'm not really sure what a 'testosterone-filled" woman is, so I'm struggling to understand the statement.  The only qualifier you gave was the ability to be a good mother.  It looked, therefore, by the placement of the two statements, that you were stating a dislike for women who don't make good mothers.  That's very much a church doctrine, where women are encouraged to believe their main function is to breed.

If you meant something different, then your meaning simply did not come through in the post, or at least not clearly enough for me to understand properly. 

What are you going to scratch at now?

Why must you assume antagonism?  When I feel antagonistic, I don't post.

Testosterone talking? ;)

I do think that men are better at certain things and women at others.

Which is why the absence of a (good) father has a negative effect on the children.

I believe we are equal in rights but not in the way we behave and what we need.. I dislike intensely testosterone filled women. They make lousy mothers.

But they may make good father substitutes in a lesbian parenting situation. 

They broke some material possessions. He pretty much ruined their chance at ever getting a decent job because now, not only do they have an arrest record, he posted all over his own twitter account, which let's his more responsible friends see these kids. Granted they were screwing that up themselves as well, but he didn't help it. would have been better to take the kids tweets and call 911 with them.

I'm not condoning anything the kids did, I'm just trying to look at it from an objective point of view and trying to see why the parents are mad at the dude.

In any case, this is the perfect reason why you should not only be exceedingly nice to the kids in your neighborhood, but also why you should invest in a security system.

The kids' lives aren't ruined in terms of finding employment: there's always self-employment. 

All he wanted was an apology. He really wanted to help get the kids' lives back on track. He didn't put up any photos they didn't put up themselves.

Actually, though, come to think of it, posting those photos may have violated some aspect of copyright or Twitter/Facebook rule that could get him into trouble.

People don't see stuff on twitter unless they actually search for it, or the people they're following post something. If you have 20 something friends say, who own businesses or work in positions where they can hire people, and they see photos of kids connected to tweets that say, "Guess who just trashed my house while I was gone." Guess who's not getting jobs in the future.

This may not have happened at all, but it most definitely could have. If you thought bad news traveled fast before Social Networking, then it's at warp 10 since Twitter and FaceBook came on the scene.

I beleive in action-reaction,  or in consequenses for your actions.  If these kids have trouble getting good jobs for the discraceful way they acted as children, then that's really their own fault. It surely isn't the fault of their victim or victims.   In an age of social media, they have to expect things like this to go public. I also do hold the parents responsible for the kids actions as well.  I dont know about all states, but some actually fine the parents and even jail them when their underage children do things unlawful as well as punish the children.  I do hope the state these children are from have this law. 

As far as the kids being able to get "descent" jobs when they get older.....  Maybe they should have thought of this when they were partying and destroying this mans home.  They have to be held accountable for their actions.  I know if a man robs a liquior store, he ends up with a criminal record (doing less damage than these kids did) and he still has this following him around all his life costing him things like jobs and such, why is it different for these kids?  In my opinion it shouldn't be. 

It's not shame on the man for letting the world know what these kids did, it's shame on the  kids for doing it and their parents for not teaching them better social skills. 

Kids can be assholes. They can do horrible things. But they're still immature, irrational, hormonal people who haven't got a lot of experience under their belt. When accused of a committing a crime, they're also due the right to a trial, and not a trial by the media--or by social media. Police investigate crimes, gather evidence, and arrest the accused. Judges and juries decided whether the law has been broken and what punishment should be meted out. Justice in America may be more of an idea than the reality, but we can't all declare ourselves detective, journalist, judge and jury when faced with a crime. Can you imagine the chaos if we start to allow vigilantism? 

Maybe we should go the whole hog and kill them for disrespecting their parents? There's a difference between discipline, and long-lasting, real-world consequences. If we were punished so severly for every dumbass thing we did as kids, then there wouldn't be a whole lot of us left.


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