Take a look at this article about kids trashing a man's home.

A man goes on vacation and discovers that his house has been trashed by hundreds of teen partiers, vandalizing his home, drinking, and using drugs. He found out about it the way so much crime is discovered nowadays, through Twitter and other social media.

What he did was to use the same social media against them, by reposting their own photos and asking for them to be identified. The arrests are well under way.

What he finds most disturbing, though, is that the parents of many of the children seem more outraged by his identifying them publicly than by the home invasion, vandalism, and underage drug and alcohol abuse of their children.

He offered to let the offenders back in to help fix things up, but so far he has few takers.

Is this a case of what's the matter with kids today or what's the matter with parents today?

Your thoughts?

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"The arrests are well under way."

and its the parents of these kids who should be arrested - Juvenile Delinquency pretty much starts in the home environment.

the problem is that its so intergenerational - how do you break the cycle?

I have another story.

A friend of mine who works with unmanageable children from broken homes took them to a restaurant one day. When lunch was over she commended them all on how well they behaved and how proud she was. The kids accepted the praise and she took them back to school.

That night - she had a call from the restaurant, those kids, aged between 9 and 11, while they were there, found their way into the ceiling of the restaurant and vandalized whatever they could find. 

I loathe parents. Whenever someone has children they fall prey to that biological defect in their brains that short-circuits logic, where they think their stupid children are the center of the universe, and then of course the little shits start believing it themselves too. Those parents don't see their children as the redundant, spoiled parasites that they are, but instead they're the smartest, most precious prodigies to ever grace the world. Narcissism by proxy. People like that raise the megalomaniac fucks of the next generation who think they're entitled to everything.

Why doesn't parenting require a license? You need a damn license to drive a car so you don't crash into things and kill people, but polluting the environment by pumping out larvae is fine?

They have agencies that inspect couples that want to adopt children, don't they? Why the double standard? Why don't couples who want to have biological children have to go through the same shit? Give 'em a test. Don't allow rampant breeding, get a god damn permit first.


"Why doesn't parenting require a license?"

If we developed a test, what would the criteria be?


No one would ever pass. There is no perfect parent. Also, this is a dumb idea because, eugenicists would crawl out of the woodwork to use the "test" to target minorities. 

Eugenics is the philosophy of keeping the undesirables from breeding.

Which sounds bad, but if it wasn't so wrongfully associated with Nazism, would you think the same way about it?

We already use eugenics on the animals we breed. Why the double standard? We also already apply a philosophy like this to everything else in our daily lives. Every time a university turns down applicants it's because they want to keep a certain standard. Every time a company hires somebody they want to make sure they don't hire someone who's not qualified. So why do we as a society hire unqualified people to do the job known as "parenting" ? It seems like a very important task to me.

I'm not saying we should force eugenics on people, and that's a ridiculous argument to make to what I said. You don't force it on people. Just don't allow them to have kids, and if they do and they don't have a valid license, fine them. Treat it like driving without a permit. You don't call that vehicular eugenics, do you? Imagine people getting pulled over 

Cop: "Sir, do you have any idea how badly you were parenting back there?"

Joe: "I'm sorry officer, I was distracted, the kids are yelling and kicking the back of my seat I lost track of my speed and... wait, parenting?"

Cop: "I've heard enough sir, step out of the vehicle and show me registration for each child and license please."

Joe: "What?"

Cop: "I need you to touch your nose for me, then tell me how you'd change a diaper, or I'll have to arrest you for dumb parenting."

Joe: "You can't do that, that's fucked up! You can't tell me I'm a bad parent!"

Cop: "Sir, don't make me tase you."

kOrsan, I respect you, but that's totally niave. Eugenics has a rich history of ethnicity based abuse and if you really think we are so socially and morally evolved from previous generations, I have a bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it.

We already got abuse out the ass in the world today, be it ethnicity based, sexuality based, gender based etc. Might as well abuse people based on their parenting skills too.

Nobody disagrees with him posting photos of the kids clearly showing their faces? 


From the article:

Fifty volunteers showed up to clean up the home, but only one person who was there actually attended the party.

"Only one student showed up," Holloway said in disbelief. "Is it a statement about us as a community? If you take our temperature as a community, we get a failing grade. How is there no accountability?"

How is there no accountability?

Inc - redible

Yeah. I disagree. He should have collected them and taken them to the police. I hope those kids get long, excruciatingly boring community service sentences and at least a $100 dollar fine. You can't force them to grow a sense of decency, but you can make them realize their values are out of line with the rest of the community's.

It's too vigilante for me.

Five years from now these kids will be different people, setting out to start their careers. And these pictures of them will be there haunting them.

Unseen, if any of my four were seen, photographed, recorded in anyway behaving in any manner that I consider less than the standard I set for them as a parent I would most definitely thank the person for bringing it to my attention even if it were via national media and then I would make sure I devised a suitable punishment and reparations. Past punishments for my lot have included have included adopting a granny in the old folks home opposite us and running their errands, visiting them at regular times - this really cuts in a child's free time. Household chores done to exacting military standards are my wife's favourite, she has had our oldest cleaning bathrooms floors with a toothbrush twice, now all our children are very careful to ensure their bathrooms are at all times clean and tidy. We have a very large garden which frankly I would have a hard time dealing with if it were not for childhood misdemeanours and the child labor that results!

Children will get up to mischief, its what children do. My job is to make sure they know where mischief stops and antisocial behaviour starts, to be considerate of others and the environment. Most of all it is to make them appreciate that every single thing they do has a consequence for someone that THEY are responsible and accountable for.

I think parents all too often today try to have their kids see them as their "Friend" and this is the road to hell. We are P A R E N T S, as such our job description is long and "Friend" is some way down the bottom of the list. A parents job is endless love and patience, its finding ways to educate your child in fun and imaginative ways, and at times it is about kicking ass and having your child hate you for making them do what they do not want to do but absolutely should do. If you cannot take being hated by your child once in a while give your kids up for adoption.


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