What's some of the evidence that supports the thesis that the "Intelligent Designer" was beyond stupid.

Let me name the ways. (I will limit myself to three.)

With any intelligence would he/she/it have designed:

1) Tooth decay?

2) An amygdala that when squeezed by cancer results in a young man's becoming a serial murderer - Chas. Whitman in Austin in 1966 according to Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Neuroscience at Stanford University?

3) A prostate that with age expands and shuts down the flow of urine?

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"...artificial life forms..."

I get em at the supermarket, they're called plastic flowers.


Sorry, I couldn't sleep, in the last dream that woke me up I was flying in a small two-seater with George Carlin as my pilot.  We were bush hopping to avoid the FAA and George landed in this gully so we could get some lunch.  As we were walking away I said to George "We're not getting that plane out of there are we?", to which George replied "Nope", so we keep walking to get some lunch, then I woke up...now that I'm awake, I'm hungry.

I'm pissed; the Designer made your REM sleep more potent than mine.


Wife woke me up and said I was talking in my sleep last night. She said I kept saying, "take hill 79! Move out!". Had a talking G.I. Joe that use to say that. Dreaming about a battle. With G.I. Joe's and we were taking that damn hill.

But yours, with George Carlin, is better.

Then I can vividly recall my dream with Jodi Foster, on the ledge of a Vegas hotel, twenty stories up, being served drinks by a bartender on a scissor lift. And we had sex. Yeah, I know she plays for the other team. Always had a crutch.

Ok Jodi Foster is pretty good...but...now that I think about it I'm fairly sure George bought me a $20 hooker after lunch. :)

Flat Earthers.

Smoke detectors.





When I read that, I actually made the sound, "Eeeerrrrrrcccccchhhhhhh," like a car screeching to a halt. I love the look on Bill's face in this pic.


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