The subject title says it all. To listen to some GOP'ers talk, you'd think socialism was Communism.

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providing the basics so that one doesn't have to concentrate on how to provide a basic living for oneself

Sounds like paradise to me. Also, if I didnt have to work to support my family, I would be able to work on projects more personal to me. So rather than making software to help mining companies squeeze and extra dollar out of their mine, I could be writing open source software that helps everyone while eating government supplied food in a government supplied house.

Matt, do I see a bit of sarcasm in your post?

So, do YOU want to "lose free enterprise"? Do you see it as pernicious?

First of all, I'm not GOP. Being a Christian doesn't always mean you are automatically republican. I do not claim one specific party.

I don't think Unseen meant it as that. I think he was more interested in your personal opinion on the topic, not herding you in with the GOP. :)

I do have to agree with you, and unlike many here, I can speak from experience about life in a "successful" socialist, communist state, and we did not suffer from the extreme class inequality we see in capitalist countries. We still had the rich, the poor(ish), and the middle class, but the gap between the three was not as astronomical as it is in a capitalist system.

What many people who have never experienced socialism or communism fail to realize, is that there are still rich people, and the poor. The government doesn't take your money until you are balanced with everyone else, but they do take an amount depending on your income (much like taxes), and distribute it amongst those who need it more, and put it towards the "free" things such as education, medicine and so on.

I meant no reference to Christians. 

Survey after survey indicates unambiguously that socialist countries are the happiest, the freest of crime, the most humanist, and the most egalitarian.  The problem is that Americans look upon the worth of a society as being reflected only in the wealth of its economic aristocracy. 

The reason Americans, by and large, look askance at socialism is that the right wing ideologues and corporate kleptocrats in this country keep portraying socialism (and communism) as evil.  And if you keep repeating something often enough, no matter how inane, most Americans will believe it and embrace it.

Knowing what I know now, I would have moved to a socialist country like France or Canada or Britain, or any of the Scandinavian countries when I was young.  Now that I have reached my actuarial end point in life and am enjoying a solitary, stress-free existence in my rustic, 360 square foot cabin amongst stands of pine and oak in the national forest, the depradations of capitalism do not affect me, so there’s not much point in pulling up stakes and relocating at this late date.  In fact, I did try to restart my life in Canada back in 1976, but that country didn’t really need the particular skills I had to offer; but that’s another story.

Americans have been propagandized into taking as an a priori assumption that we are “the greatest nation on Earth.”  But upon what criteria is that mantra based?  On two only: wealth and military power.  Take just about ANY other measure of greatness in a society, and we rank pretty low.  What about freedom and democracy, you ask?  PLEASE!  Every socialist country has more of both than we do.  America is ruled, ultimately, by the top 1% of wealth plutocrats who buy the politicians who make the laws.  Numerous states are already enacting laws designed to PREVENT democacy from happening - to prevent undesirables (read Democrats) from voting.  To the extent that they haven’t yet COMPLETELY dismantled the electoral process in this country, they are nonetheless well along on the path of doing so.  The Supreme Court has declared corporations to be people.  So, in effect, America IS one megacorporation with the power to override any pretense at democracy in this country.

What, parenthetically, is a “neocon”?  He is a fascist in patriot’s clothing.  Since the election of Franklin Roosevelt when I was picking apples in Depression-era poverty; and wratcheted up since Alzheimers-addled Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, the neoconservative right wing in America has pursued, relentlessly, one overriding goal: to eventually replace plural democracy with a fascist dictatorship.  Some even envisioned George W. Bush to be that first dictator, to which end they propsed getting rid of term limits for Presidents.  Fortunately for us, those plans were forestalled by W’s utter incompetence.  But they haven’t given up.  They’ve just reformulated their  grand strategy: they will get rid of the middle class, first.  The silver lining behind the cloud of my advanced years: I won’t likely be around to witness their almost inevitable victory.

Americans believe it to be gospel that their goal in life should be the accumulation of wealth - the more the better.  That is even preached from many Christian pulpits ("Jesus wants you to be rich!").    Not me.  I live very simply with NONE of the trappings of wealth, or even close to it; and yet I consider myself to be rich in every way that matters.  If someone offered me a million dollars, my first thought would be, "What in the world could I do with a million dollars that would make me more happy and content than I am right now, sitting here typing this post?”  The answer is, NOTHING.

Socialism, at its core, is the members of a society seeing to it that all the OTHER members of that society are provided with the essentials of life, liberty, happiness, security, dignity, and respect.  They regard Mitt Romney’s despised 47% of those without grotesque wealth - worthless moochers - as being “entitled to food, housing, and health care.”  But, I’m sorry to say, that just isn’t “The American Way.”

Not a word I can add to this. You've said it all. Well written.  I love this bit by Lewis Black

"I would have moved to a socialist country like France or Canada or Britain, or any of the Scandinavian countries when I was young."

These aren't socialist countries, they are social-democracies with mixed-market economies. The only country which is close to a socialist economy is North Korea.

Would Romnesia help or hinder Socialism

Romnesia helps only Romney. His backers will use his lack of experience.

I think some people are frightened that socialism may come at the cost of government overeach. Whats to stop the government in a socialist nation from saying "We pay for your health care so no more vodka or candy, and we're giving you a bed time." I don't think that's how socialism is but I think that is the way that a lot of lower class people who watch fox and then vote against their own social and economic interests see it.


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