Apparently a "storm of the century" is about to hit the East Coast in a few days. Waiting for Pat Robertson to chime in with his in-depth analysis.

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He's probably pissed at all those women who don't appreciate his rape baby gifts. What's he supposed to do ladies, wrap them up in glittery gift paper?

All them east coast liberals thinkin bout votin fer Obama.

Gays. It's usually because of the Gays.

Right on the money there, though it wasn't Pat Robertson who made that accusation.

Oh dear.  Looks like they took the weather with them!

Just read this post and it made my day .. What’s Causing Hurricane Sandy? Let’s Ask Some Christians Who Know ...

accordingly Sandy is caused by same sex marriages and israel

the best part was the tweet of @rationalists "A pastor on East Coast blames gays for the hurricane. While he's wet, tell him San Francisco is dry and celebrating the World Series" :))

Considering the damage to the Jersey Shore, it's obviously all Snooki's fault.

But I was wondering, if the President pulls out a win and it stems from his actions in the aftermath of the hurricane and if God sent the hurricane, then does that mean he wants the President to be reelected? I'm guessing that's why we won't hear any proclamations about "God's Will" concerning the storm.

God's laughing his ass off.

"I told you I would not again destroy the earth with water. If you believe that, go see some of my people; they'll sell you some more of my prose."

"It's the gays" ? Good grief, then why does this all powerful being not just wreak vengeance on the gays instead of this shotgun approach ?

Perhaps those American "Christians" need to consider that many more who have much less than they ( such as a house, sanitation, clean drinking water and medical services) were hit much harder and killed in greater numbers in places like Haiti and Cuba. Their plight has barely been covered by western media, and the offers of aid from western governments are salt to the wounds considering those governments have not yet made good on all those previous hollow pledges of help !

Perhaps god is in fact giving them a lesson in being a little less self absorbed.
Judith vd R.

Found this on my uncles facebook...

Butterfly effect?

So how many 'hot man actions-n' does it take to generate a class 1 storm. Is it related by a log function? So int(log(n)) = (storm class). Since the last storm was about class 2, seems that a class >=5 would have striped off the mountain sides of trees and buildings, and removed all signs of human habitation for thousands of square miles, including churches. As the number of gay deaths increase with the class of the storm, it would seem to me that all of the US could be reduced to rubble, about the time global warming becomes a real issue! If anyone is interested it might be a fun modeling problem...;p).  

Does anyone see the overwheming exageration of the theist world view? Duh!  

Must be the homosexuals, abortionists, atheists/non-Christians, separation of church-state, etc. Of course, these universally and always lead to god's wrath (presumably the Judeo-Christian god, at least in America).


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