What percentage of Think Atheist members are Humanists?

I've created a survey with the SurveyMonkey tool. I am curious to understand the link between atheists, agnostics and humanists. Only one question for people to answer, and it's anonymous.


Thank you

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I disagree with that definition. It's akin to me to stating I'm a vegetarian but I still eat meat. For me, agnosticism is a shade of theism, not a shade of atheism.


There is a logical fault among trendy atheists, in that our "leaders" are trying to be all inclusive in order to skew statistics as much in our favour as possible. I see trends in some interpretations to inflate our ranks, to include everyone and anyone who is not affiliated with a given church, anyone with doubt, anyone with sympathies, anyone who's religion does not include a single god. That's fine for political speak, but when it comes to real solid definitions, I prefer to distance myself from cheery all inclusives.

You are welcome to disagree, though not many others agree with you.


As an atheist, I do not believe in the existence of God. I am also in agnostic in that I do not think it is possible to know whether there is a God.


Would you agree that belief and knowledge are different?


Also, I don't find that the definition that was provided to you is an "all-inclusive" definition at all.


only 17 responses to the survey, need more. Only one question to answer, super fast :)

If you agree that Humanism is defined thus:


Then yes I am a humanist.

I like that definition......  count me in as well.
I agree to that definition, and I would call myself a humanist.
I do not know how to vote, but I am a humanist and belong to a group of humanists who meet every other Wednesday

did you go to the link?  survey

only 22 votes, still a long way to go
I really have to say that I can't vote without an accurate definition of 'humanist'.  On the other hand, I definitely do not self identify as a 'humanist' specifically because of the lack of a clear definition.  I do 'consider' myself a humanist, however, at least by the definition "A secular ideology which espouses reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making."

A selfdescription for me would have to say : "Organic Altruistic Secular Humanist" .  that pretty much nails it right on the head !




thanks :)


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