What percentage of Think Atheist members are Humanists?

I've created a survey with the SurveyMonkey tool. I am curious to understand the link between atheists, agnostics and humanists. Only one question for people to answer, and it's anonymous.


Thank you

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Without stats, reality does not exist. Recently the Canadian government removed the mandatory long census form and Canadian society will suffer for it because without stats, one can assess nothing.

reality is still reality.. you can't pick and choose things because there's not a quantifying number.  it's the same debate at the tree falling in the woods.  displacement of fluid air cause vibration, which in turn causes audible sound.


i will contend that with out discussion, there can be little to no resolution.  if the ideas are not exchanged, then how will the thoughts spread?  through an excel chart or almanac?  there is no statistic for the understanding of a philosophy or what that philosophy actually means.  i'm willing to bet that after these exchanges, at least a few people will decide to research the idea of humanism.

Resolution.... spreading of thoughts..... great discussion topics

Go ahead and start them :)

Personally, any discussion on the topic of "percentage of humanists among atheists" has different implications whether the numbers lean on either side or 50:50. And until I get an idea of these numbers, I reserve my opinion. 

But I am curious to get an estimate.   ;)

I'm a humanist and I believe in tough love.

My anthem is: 



I like the idea of being a humanist, my brother is a full blown member and conducts humanist services such as funerals etc. I don't agree that they are like churches.. left wing. I have never been approached by a humanist in an aggressive manner in the same wasy as I have been by a complete stranger, a christian who tried to force the New Testament on me.. twice! We have a census happening here in the UK on Sunday. It will be interesting to see what the real numbers of christians are. I hope people will be brave! 
We're up to 46 voters, I'm hoping to double that number. thanks for your vote.
I would like to define myself as a relativist.
I also, but I'm getting the distinct impression from this vote tallys up that we're in a clear minority, it's looking like 83% ThinkAtheist users are Humanists, which I find utterly surprising, but I'll reserve any further opinion to a more extensive sampling, it's taking so long :( Being "Featured discussion" only doubled the votes from 20 to 40. Maybe I should spam this question across to all members? Certainly there are more than 50 active Think Atheist members??????


>t's looking like 83% ThinkAtheist users are Humanists, which I find utterly surprising


Maybe not so surprising. But it is certainly appalling.

Okay, granted, and admittedly I myself would have probably subscribed to those ideals - - - at a time before I saw the way real, organized, secular humanists operate with my own eyes. Before a time when I sat in an audience and watched the National Executive Director of the Secular Humanist Society, Roy Speckhardt, state flatly that undesirables like myself were not permitted to join the lofty ranks of the Humanists. Could a Fundamentalist Church have done any worse? Could a Neo-Nazi organization?


Not that I in the slightest lament the fact of being denied membership in any group that would permit a douchebag like Speckhardt to be their National Executive Director . . .

I consider myself a freethinker, not a humanist. (The terms apparently appear to be currently mutually exclusive). It has also become quite clear to me over the past couple of years that the organized secular humanist movement is most probably the greatest current enemy to the atheist movement, an enemy far more dangerous than any fundamentalist or church organization,

Maybe my poll post is attracting humanist members more than non humanist members, maybe a voting bias? I'd still want at least 100 votes for it to mean anything at all :(
honestly, i'm not exactly sure what humanism means other than the belief that we should treat each other with respect, no chosen people, and that we're the highest authority, etc. The basics of humanism apply to me, but don't actively use it in my philosophy. I voted as a request, but voted in ignorance, so maybe I should not have participated.


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