Deconverts - What part of Christian culture do you miss the most? Is there a worship song or hymn you find yourself humming? Do you miss the after church coffees and potlucks? Do you get sentimental about an author or children's book?

I realize there is plenty to NOT miss, but for those who were in the faith longer than out, I'd be very happy to hear about the cultural soft-spots you have since leaving the faith.

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I also was pretty big on allowing and figuring out God's will

I hear that often from believers and ex-believers alike. I guess I felt more loyalty to animals and people around me than I did to God. I never had an interest in following His will. In fact, I remember being intent to change His will regarding certain injustices, if only I could talk with Him a little and set Him straight. Ah, the egocentric nature of children!
I have only been to Mass a few times in my life. I think it would be awesome if done in Latin.

BTW, what did you do when it came time to kneel or receive communion?
I never knelt the few times I went to Mass and I felt rather conspicuous. I did kneel when I was a Groomsmen at a friends wedding and they celebrated a full Mass during the ceremony. It was torture.

I did listen during the sermon - apparently Jesus did not have a GPS during his life but he managed to find his way anyway and is always there to guide us.

I wonder if they got that from some online, sermon sharing site?
I'd have to say I miss the youth group part t he most, too, but I wouldn't be in that anymore so... nothing.

But it was pretty great having a community of people like that. Plus I was friends with the youth pastor (still am) and we would jam on the church instruments after and watch bad sci fi movies on the huge projector. It was definitely a good time living in the no where hick town I lived in.
Wow! This is an amazingly fresh story! I know what it is like to be estranged from family to varying degrees - sometimes self-inflicted to avoid drama. Time helps - but I know saying that doesn't matter when it is so new. I went cold-turkey on my church friends - I missed them a little but slowly cobbled together other support systems. Still figuring that out - church-less (and less family) support systems. Thank you for sharing this Will! I hope you search for and find support outside the faith, family and church.
I love to sing and was part of the school choir in a Christian school and a church band. I still find myself singing Christian songs and even about to pray when I'm in fear or worried. But no it's not a "sign"! Lol
Feeling like there was someone watching over me. That no matter how alone I was, I was never alone.... I'll always miss that.

But I realize that sadness is not a reason to turn my back on reason.
Christian Girlfriend!
My family wasn't overly religious, but we did go to church weekly for a long time. I certainly don't miss anything.

I have always especially enjoyed Christmas songs, decorations, and celebrations -- so continue to enjoy them.

I also like Greek mythology, the idea of witches and pagan nature deities, and Satanic heavy metal. I also enjoy all those things while knowing it's all BS.
Greek mythology is cool!
Well, now that you mention it, Greek Mythology was way cooler than cool!
I likey! I remember reading about the Greek and Roman gods/goddesses as a christian girl. They were my version of Marvel comics.

I also remember learning that the pagan gods/goddesses were most likely based on human interaction with demons - and maybe a few wayward angels. Those were the days...


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