Deconverts - What part of Christian culture do you miss the most? Is there a worship song or hymn you find yourself humming? Do you miss the after church coffees and potlucks? Do you get sentimental about an author or children's book?

I realize there is plenty to NOT miss, but for those who were in the faith longer than out, I'd be very happy to hear about the cultural soft-spots you have since leaving the faith.

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I was raised in Armstrongism so I never had the heaven delusion. Their assertion is you die until Jesus comes back and then you and the other "true believers" are whisked away on the wings of eagles to the Promised Land. Even as a naive child I had a hard time wrapping my brain around that one. Apparently it will be a holy procession of rotted corpses and skeletons. Should be a good show.

I long for a sense of community. Communities themselves (neighbourhoods) are fractured by different beliefs, schedules, need for involvement, etc. I could say I miss that from the church but I never really felt it there, either. Of course I was young when I left so perhaps my sense of community was nonexistent at the time.

I don't miss anything else. Occasionally I'll hear the melody from a church hymn and the words will come to mind, but I don't miss those. I do enjoy some Christmas songs but I've never related those to faith as Armstrongism denounces pagan holidays. Silent night is a beautiful song. Maybe we could come up with alternate lyrics.

I'd love to do neighbourhood potlucks.

So I guess I don't miss anything but I do long for a sense of community...belonging and commonality of purpose/interests.
thats what we are here for though <3
I don't believe I miss anything. As a musician, I was interested in playing with the churches "praise group". I was going to play guitar. yes, even though I am an atheist. Its the love of music that made me want to do it. I find it enjoyable playing music with other musicians, even if i don't feel in my being what I am playing. I got in contact with the leader of the group, and she said that one of the requirements was that you have to do it in the name of the lord. that kind of goes without saying but I was going to just do it anyway. why should my non belief phase them? though the more I thought about it, I wouldn't be doing myself or the people that I would be playing with any justice if my heart wasn't all the way in it. So that was that.
GOOD! Their loss...and I"m sure you can find another group who won't make absurd demands on you!
also as a musician I wondered why all of the hymns were poorly written.


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