What other classes do you think schools should include?

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A world religions/cultures class would be useful. Part of the cause of provincial attitudes is that people do not get exposed to differing opinions. It is hard to claim that 'everyone' believes as you do when you know the majority of the world does not.
One of the things I saw fade in high schools was trade schooling.  My high school in Texas was one of the top performing schools in the state. They more or less drilled us every month about how important college is, and how you need those good grades to get in the college you want. My point is college is not right for everyone. But yet, it is instilled into our brains that we need to go where we want to go in life. This is totally not true. Kids should have the option to decide if they want to learn a trade or go to college.

I got a job working as a recruiter for the Art Institute of Washington. The kids that were coming in (I would say about 60%) already had school debts from other colleges with nothing to show for it, and now they are at a school that costs 100k for the full program. Pure madness. (FYI NEVER step foot into any AI school system!)

The worst part is when I would tell kids/parents how much the school cost, almost 90% never even flinched at the price. As in most just don't have any concept of what 100k really means.

So then the kid gets out of school still has no idea what they want to do and now with 100k+ of debt. Turns out the the kid can't get a job in his/her field and becomes a welder and makes a great living being a undersea dive well welder.
I wonder how many high schools still have shop classes. Mine did, but I bet they are scarcer these days.

And people wonder why we don't make anything in America anymore. It's because somewhere along the line the idea of working with your hands is somehow demeaning. Everyone is not equipped to be an academic .


Spot on.

More sociology and psychology classes, at my school they just had two intro classes and that was it until you graduated. Culture classes would help kids understand the world a bit better, forcing them outside of their personal bubbles.Philosophy I think would also be a great class for teenagers. At a time where people spend most of their time questioning who they are and such, I think it would be great to throw some big philosophy names at them to make them ask even more questions.


Not so much high school, but I think in the early years it should be required that kids learn Spanish and then their 3rd language could be a choice.

Sadly, Adriana my high school was seriously all test based for the stupid state tests. There is no critical thinking needed. Just memorize test review take test, forget everything you learned, repeat. 


Like I said in a old blog post. I have learned more on How Stuff Works .com than all of high school.

I just googled "critical thinking" syllabus (with quotes). 2-1/2 million links.

Haha, but who knows how good those links are? Put on your critical thinking cap.

Has anyone ever had a separate class called "critical thinking" or something similar?

shouldn't the schools be teaching critical thinking skills every second they are teaching something?

Absolutely, but Language is also like this. Critical thinking and language (etc.) comes along as a bonus with the regular courses. Meanwhile, imo we need to boost critical thinking skills somehow, but how can that be deployed across several classes by policy?

One way might be to require a class with broader (or similar) context, like Critical Consumption of Media, especially in light of the pervasiveness of internet media. So I'll at least nominate that, Matthew.

(Whoops, sorry Mr. Matthew. I should have said Morgan.)

While I can still edit this...

I'll add that a class like "Critical Consumption of Media" should also include weekly or monthly assignments concerning Current Events. Even further, perhaps such a course should be taken every year, for at least a semester.

Some student's work could become controversial (e.g. overly political), but learning how to "report" the news factually and without spin is also part of the process of critical thinking.

Nope, no critical thinking in schools.  You memorize facts and take tests.


Mark Twain:  "I never let my schooling interfere with my education"  


How true that is... 


I nominate more music courses.  Stop cutting the damned music classes in favor of a football team.  


Also , philosophy and psychology.  Both of those will teach children how to think and why we think the way we do.  

I was just thinking about this yesterday, when a bill to teach about Christianity in public schools, was passed in some state.


Aside from the basic of reading, writing, mathematics, I think critical thinking and some type of foreign language class should be taught. A class on different cultures should be taught, that way students are exposed to other cultures and they are not culturally ignorant.


I agree with Morgan Matthew on having trades being taught in schools. That would save a lot of the burden on community colleges in this nation, which are being overwhelmed with students and not receiving the funding to reflect that.


I was lucky enough to attend a high school that helped train pharmacy technicians and nursing assistants. I didn't take these classes though some days I wish I had trained to be a pharmacy technician. It's decent money for while I'm in college.


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