Fractals permeate nature, both the living and the dead.

What are fractals? They are repetitive patterns. For example, the small branches of a tree branch according to the same rules according to which main branches branch off from the trunk. The rules explaining the appearance of mountains and coastline are the same everywhere you go. See examples at this link.

You can blame fractals in life forms on DNA, but what about the fractals appearing in inanimate nature?

Without asserting that "God did it," what other explanations are there?

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I'm with you,

Go Heather.  Thanks for the explanation. 

Oh, physics. You're always doing stuff I'm not paying attention to.

Maybe he's too stupid to understand the explanation for tides (and thus I cannot explain it to him, because he can't understand it), but I sure as hell ain't.

The poor fellow is a paid provacature. Playing the fool, gives him an almost perfect place to stand and make pot shots at others. Sadly, the people that like the fellow seem to feed at the same well of 'stupid'.

He can't tell shit from Shinola anyway. He regularly gets his ass handed to him by intelligent guests on his show, but he just pretends like nothing just happened.

Fox does not seem one of old 'laugh boxes' in inventory. If they did, maybe we could tell when we should be rolling on the floor in laughter...

The majestic moment...

It is almost painful to watch Papa Bear blather away.

But nowhere near as disturbing as listening to Glenn Beck.

Both do have some entertainment value. Kind of.

Like watching the special olympics for a laugh.

"F#ck it I'll do it live!" Classic!

You seriously need to consider chemical intervention.

Better yet - how does divinity explain fractals?


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