Fractals permeate nature, both the living and the dead.

What are fractals? They are repetitive patterns. For example, the small branches of a tree branch according to the same rules according to which main branches branch off from the trunk. The rules explaining the appearance of mountains and coastline are the same everywhere you go. See examples at this link.

You can blame fractals in life forms on DNA, but what about the fractals appearing in inanimate nature?

Without asserting that "God did it," what other explanations are there?

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Why would an omnipotent creator want to lose control of it's creation to a process they have no control over? Think about this in terms of a christian god, fatherly, and in control. Fractals reproduce without regard and are constant but their under no ones actual control they are compeletly uncontrollable. If you are saying they were started by god again circular thought would bring you back to the automated reproduction of fractals. it always was, alwsy is, and always will be without THOUGHT. Religion would be going down a rabbit hole they do not want to go down by using this as an example of god's existance. Only a beautiful eternal non thinking process. If the father isn't really watching us and telling us how to live is there a god?

The post does raise a very interesting question which should have an answer without reference to God or religion. WHY DO fractals seem virtually universal, not just in living things, but everywhere? Maybe the answer is that fractals are such a fundamental concept that we simply have to accept their existence as part of what makes nature nature.

I can't imagine a scenario where the christian god would be involved. It would be suicide for an omnipotent creator. The fractals would overtake the will of the creator. even the possiblity that god created them to begin with nulls all so called "authority" god would weild over any sentient lifeforce. Anything attributal to god's will would not exist any longer. In short its possibly a proof there is no god.

I think we were invited to consider how fractals are so universal without reference to God. I'm not sure I see the problem. We can accept the laws of physics. Obviously, fractals are totally compatible with physics and must be considered part of the entire package that also includes physical laws.

Not thinking scientifically since god is not scientific. But I do not disagree at all.

random variations that split forces?


The answer is ALWAYS the same.

We don't know...YET, but through the use of the scientific method we CAN find out. It may be that there is a better method out there but until someone discovers it NEVER GIVE UP LEARNING as theists do when they say things need not require more explanation than "god did it".

Now saying "We don't know yet" is perhaps the worst possible answer to a question but saying "god did it" is not only saying "We don't know", but it is also saying "And we don't care if we EVER know" and that is the worst possible answer combined with the most depressing statement I've ever heard.

The saddest, most guilt ridden and unenlightened time of my life was the 20 years I was a devout christian.

To all theists please PLEASE COME INTO THE LIGHT!!

I think some of us are playing a trick on ourselves. 

I think Jesus Christ is a tongue-in-cheek name just like mine. 

So, let's stop treating it as a proof-of-God post and take it literally as a serious question, the answer to which can be used against theists.

Fractals are nothing more than mathematical functions that have a feedback utility.  Waves washing in and out not only effect the shore on their way in, but return interference energy on their way out.  It's the same for the condensation/energy exchange that forms frost, mud flakes, and any number of oscillating-equilibrium patterns that exist in the physical world.

These sorts of math show zero whim or fancy - they are not capricious, such as one might expect if they were 'willed' into existence.  They are, in fact, proof that no personal-consciousness is creating them and therefore not the product of your Bronze Age boogieman.

"Fractals are nothing more than mathematical functions that have a feedback utility."

In biology as with fractal tree structure (branching) that would not seem to apply. ???

In biology the feedback is the incremental growth each season.  So you start with a y pattern, and the next year you get a double sized y with single sized y's branching off, and the next year you get a triple sized y with double sized y's branching off and off them them you have single sized y's.  There are dozens of books on fractals if you really want to get into the theory, or for a lighter look at the overall behavior you can google for fractal documentaries.

LOVE fractals! And I dont even have to be high to enjoy them!

Its kinda obvious why they occur, same reason why they are so awesome.



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