What "n" ways would you deal with the next jehovah's witness at your door?

After my previous dicussion my brain almost melted trying to hold my own and bringing over my thoughts against a seemingly furious community. Still enjoying myself by the way.


So now I thought of a game ish discussion.


How would you deal with the next jehovah witness at your door?

Would you argue them?

Would you ignore them?


For sure argueing is the funniest.


For example try to use logic of human behaviour. Get them to admit that the easiest way to find a liar is by asking questions and waiting for someone to change their background story. Then ofcourse wack in some slick examples of how first the church banished science and is now addapting to its ideas.


Or you could go by logic-loop. Seeing as the bible is the word of god it is absolute. So if there was a contradiction in the bible it would undo all of existence. Then whip out Mozes and the 10 commandments and how they dont mean jack shit to jezus who will forgive you for anything but the denial of the existence of the holy spirit.


I am really interested as to how people would have their fun in an actual debate against the messengers of god.

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Well how dare he ask a logical and completely reasonable question!

As soon as I heard the word "Jesus" I broke in saying "I have to stop you there, because I am an Atheist". One of the two ladies replied "Oh, is that because of the state of the world right now or have you always been an Atheist". I said "I have had a Science education and so I have always been an Atheist. Thankyou and goodbye".
A good reply to that would be "We're all born as atheists"
Ohhhh I like that.
I invite them in. However as I deconverted one recently they have stopped calling. I only discuss belief with them and if they try to talk science I tell them that is off topic. BTW - nice approach by James d.
lol, well done on the de-conversion!

Watch my Video on JW's Please to see how they convert members. 

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I would invite them indoors and have a sit-down and let them argue their case. Then I would kindly explain to them in a calm soothing voice how pathetic and dangerous their way of life is. Your belief informs your actions and since religion is nothing but a fairy tale that makes you potentially dangerous to fellow humans.


Usually I less-than-politely decline to talk to them. I could bait them into a conversation, but that would result in me being a dick. That's fine sometimes, but I don't go out of my way to piss people off usually. Except for one time...

I saw a dour-looking pair going door-to-door at my neighbor's houses, and my JW radar went off. I wasn't sure, they might have been salesmen, so I met them at the door and asked if they were selling something. The first word out of the older one's mouth was "Armageddon..."

I am definitely not in the market for any Armageddon, thank you very much, so I let them have it with both barrels. I told them to take their ignorant, stupid bullshit religion and get the f^@% off my porch and out of my sight. I think I was concise enough to get my point across, and I never saw them in my neighborhood again.

my JW radar went off.

Maybe we could call that a J-dar? also known a bullshit-o-meter?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to screw with people. Just make them think I 'm really out of my mind. I’m not always mentally crisp  and ready to argue. I use to manage a huge apartment complex and all sorts of religious types would solicit there regularly. I can’t tell you how many times I was walking a vacant units and they would knock on the door or get calls from residents complaining about them. They would park and walk around the property and would have their cars towed. That made me happy.

Why are they knocking on my door again? I don't remember asking for a sales rep to come by my house.


WTF - "actual debate against the messengers of god"???? Who are these messengers? And which god(s)???


"Or you could go by logic-loop. Seeing as the bible is the word of god it is absolute. So if there was a contradiction in the bible it would undo all of existence." ????


I'm not seeing the word of god, nor it's absoluteness, and only pretzel logic. 

There are countless contradictions in the bible and existence has not been undone, because it and all the other holy/magic/superstitious books and beliefs are irrelevant to the universe in any way, shape or form- absolutely. 


And once again- Why are they knocking on my (or any) door, un-invited, un-wanted, and un-necessary.


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