What "n" ways would you deal with the next jehovah's witness at your door?

After my previous dicussion my brain almost melted trying to hold my own and bringing over my thoughts against a seemingly furious community. Still enjoying myself by the way.


So now I thought of a game ish discussion.


How would you deal with the next jehovah witness at your door?

Would you argue them?

Would you ignore them?


For sure argueing is the funniest.


For example try to use logic of human behaviour. Get them to admit that the easiest way to find a liar is by asking questions and waiting for someone to change their background story. Then ofcourse wack in some slick examples of how first the church banished science and is now addapting to its ideas.


Or you could go by logic-loop. Seeing as the bible is the word of god it is absolute. So if there was a contradiction in the bible it would undo all of existence. Then whip out Mozes and the 10 commandments and how they dont mean jack shit to jezus who will forgive you for anything but the denial of the existence of the holy spirit.


I am really interested as to how people would have their fun in an actual debate against the messengers of god.

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One of my cousins had the best answer.

JW.  Hello.  How are you today?  It's a lovely day, isn't it?  - - -

Cousin:  You're JW's aren't you? (Not the expected response so the JW is put off his stride.)

JW.  Yes.

Cousin:  Doesn't that mean that you don't believe in accepting blood transfusions?


JW.  That's right.  It says in the Bible that .(blah, blah, blah)..

Cousin:  How very interesting!.  What about suicide?  Do you think it's wrong for someone to deliberately kill themselves? 

JW.  Yes.  It says ...  (blah blah blah)

Cousin:  Well that poses quite a problem.  I have a rare blood disorder.  If I don't have regular blood transfusions I will die.  So if you were to convert me I'd be committing suicide and you'd be committing homocide.  We can't have that, can we?  You'd better leave right now before you do any damage.  Bye bye. (Closes door before JW's face can revert to an expression close to normal.) 




@Rosemary - I like the logic of that. :-)

I just say, "I'm an atheist.  I don't believe any of that god shit." I close the door.

I usually invite them in for coffee at which point I mention my Atheism. The look of shock that I always get is priceless. They then usually start off immediately with "Every house has a builder" and The human eye argument which are easy pickings frankly. The meeting usually ends with the witnesses promising to return with a more senior member sporting dvd's and books. I have read a few of these and there utter ignorance particularly where evolution is concerned almost takes my breath away.


Still, I always treat them as I would like to be treated.

If I was acting like an idiot & saying stupid bullshit, I'd certainly hope someone would call me on it. Scorn & ridicule would be a perfectly appropriate response if I were so messed up I lost my ability to think rationally.
I told the last two that I belonged to satan. And the pair before them that I sold my soul for rock and roll.....to Ozzy Osborne
Boiling oil would be my favourite

My 200 foot driveway through a dark wet wood is adorned with dozens of guardians. A vestige of my Catholicism, I have a fascination for gargoyles, and most things Gothic. They JW's skip our house. Even the tree service called from the road and had to to be convinced we would not sacrifice them. When I paid them, the crew boss turned to me and said "God is good". I just smiled.


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