I'm 22 years old and for financial reasons, I'm living with my parents now. A couple days ago, my father told me to "grow up". He was just being a crab ass, but the topic has been bothering me for days... What makes someone an adult? I'm a highly inquisitive, emphatic, sense seeking person... Does it make me childish to be curious?

I just want to know your thoughts. I know there might be different definitions due to age and cultural differences, and I'd love to hear them!

Also, throw some religious ideas about this in there :) how can an extremely religious people with their imaginary friend in the sky be considered adults?

Have at 'er!


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How about I just add it to the list of how I think I should act? I'm not into telling anyone else how to live. I'm just trying to find out how I can live my life without bothering anyone else too much :)



And here is an excellent little picture that fits the discussion.

The day you can't act like a little kid is the day you get old. Most of the "Grow Up" shit comes from people who find it hard to enjoy life.

well I find it impressive the fact a 22 year old "kid" is having this discussion. I think this alone adds 20 years to your maturity quotient.

That and the fact I was thinking of the being a "crab ass" and having a similar conversation with my son, this has caused me to reconsider. thnx.


I'm 23 & I don't have a clue. I'll let you know when I grow up, but don't hold your breath.
FINE! I won't! *stomps foot *

my 15 year old son says it is when you become responsible for your decisions.

Good and bad decisions.


The 21 year old just told me to grow up. lol

Methinks your son is correct.

I'm 23, and have been bouncing between homes for a couple of years now, due to not having enough income to afford my own place. It was immaturity (not taking responsibility for my actions) that got me into the situation I am currently in, and by accepting responsibility for my choices I am slowly crawling out of that hole.


The concept of maturity should not be one of cultural ideals, but one of responsibility. Give your son a high five for awesomeness!

But some people use their responsibilities as an excuse...
being responsible for your own actions is different from hiding behind responsibilities, or using them as an excuse.


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