What kind of atheist are you?


Take this quiz here to find out what type of atheist you are.

you will get the percentage of each type as a result,


Militant Atheist_%

Agnostic _%

Apathetic Atheist _%

Meditative Atheist _%

Scientific Atheist _%

Angry Atheist _%



What kind of atheist are you?

 Enjoy the quiz!



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Me too, I see myself as an agnostic! but, I scored meditative atheist! I was surprised!

That's great! I see the majority in here are scientific atheists..Wow!


You got "angry athist and scientific Atheist 71% "... there are alot of angry scientific athist...


I got angry athist75% > I am angry becuse of Muhammad! lol

To the people knocking this as unscientific: Well of course it's not scientific! lol. Im pretty sure no one took it too seriously or regraded it as a qualified personality test.


-Scientific Atheist :)

I just couldn't get myself to complete this quiz, completely useless and dumb question formats and bad use of language. Half the questions has loaded double meanings such as:

I like debating religious people, but I tend to end up calling them names.


I do call them names yes, but I do not debate them. Reverendacid asks if I agree with the statement, but there are two statements!


Dumb dumb questionnaire.


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