What is your take on extraterrestrial intelligences, have you seen "UFO"s , or even been in one if you lucky and caught by a surprise ? Have you met any people from other planets ? Or simply if you have not, what are your thoughts about the topic, and would you like to have an experience ?

Do you believe in the existence extraterrestrials ? (Belief is based on faith or trust without looking at the evidence, data, mathematical models, that is because your friend saw something, and you trust your friend, without research, that is belief)

Do you understand the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(Understanding is based on collecting data , evidence, mathematical models such as drake equation, astrobiology research etc and deriving a conclusion)

Do you know the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(That is when you have had your own personal experience, scrutinized it to be legitimate experience, as well as comparing your experience with other's evidence data and so on)

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Ah, the age-old thinking person's dilemma. Integrity or compassion? I'm starting to believe all virtues fall on one of these two sides of the same coin. Truth or kindness? Honor or sympathy? Wisdom or understanding-- but then even understanding is both something you can do and something you can be. The truth is almost always the right thing-- in the few cases in which it isn't, compassion is (the "kids and Santa rule"). But it's hard to hold back. When faced with heinous ignorance, how can we stop ourselves from unleashing the searing light of truth upon troglodytes? It's like finding a cold dark planet and you having a sun but having to keep it covered up. It feels wrong. Burdens of righteousness I suppose.

You're not alone, Diane.

(Wait, was that truth and compassion in the same sentence? How is that possible?!)

I also know what compassion is.

Sounds like you're trying to discuss apples with someone who doesn't even understand the meaning of fruit.

I have had a few "happenings" that seem to defy logic, physics, common sense. I just can't explain them. Why would a street gypsy in Italy approach me and tell me (in Italian, I can speak it OK) that my grandfather drowned? Not sure I will ever understand that. I did find out later my grandparents were from Transylvania, Romania, immigrated to NY in 1904 and yes he did drown in NY in a boating accident.

I've had some people say pretty crazy things to me - and had a few of those things turn out to be true.  I had these experiences a lot when still in religious circles, but then those people were far more likely to blurt something out like a shot in the dark.  Hell, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

A broken clock is correct twice a day.

Only if it is a twelve hour clock instead of a 24 hour one.

And then... if it's "broken" such that it runs thirty minutes fast every day (not dead but useless), it won't be right again for 24 (or 48) days.

That's what I figure too, still gives me pause sometimes. And then the way I could finish almost all of my mother's sentences, or we would call each other at the same exact time. I have had many, many people say we had "a gift". I always tell them yeah, lots of the same DNA.

I have similar experiences with my daughter.

I once had a dream that I was flying over a river that had a lot of items submerged at varying depths.  I saw a plaque that my sister had given to me, but which I had not seen for a long time in my waking life.  I spent the rest of the dream diving for it but I couldn't get down far enough or hold my breath long enough.  

The next morning, and this is one of those things I might not believe if somebody told me, my daughter walked into my room holding the plaque and said, "Were you looking for this?"  

There may be a reasonable explanation for that, but it was just plain freaky. 

I once had a dream I was a butterfly, but then I woke up and I was Unseen again. But what had actually happened? Perhaps the butterfly was awake until it fell asleep and dreamed it was Unseen.

As it turns out I am a honey badger who sometimes dreams he is a butterfly and sometimes dreams he is Unseen.


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