What is your take on extraterrestrial intelligences, have you seen "UFO"s , or even been in one if you lucky and caught by a surprise ? Have you met any people from other planets ? Or simply if you have not, what are your thoughts about the topic, and would you like to have an experience ?

Do you believe in the existence extraterrestrials ? (Belief is based on faith or trust without looking at the evidence, data, mathematical models, that is because your friend saw something, and you trust your friend, without research, that is belief)

Do you understand the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(Understanding is based on collecting data , evidence, mathematical models such as drake equation, astrobiology research etc and deriving a conclusion)

Do you know the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(That is when you have had your own personal experience, scrutinized it to be legitimate experience, as well as comparing your experience with other's evidence data and so on)

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Heather how would you feel if you had an implant and opted in to be a guinea pig just to prove a stupid argument like this one ?

You may or may not its your right of choice, I certainly have enough harassment from NSA offcials, and G4S spying through my emails, I would certainly not like them poking their pincers in my tissues just to get this device which may give me the intuition to get out of sticky life threatening situation...

So if you ran into someone, at Target, rambling on about the NSA monitoring them because of their intimate knowledge of the government takeover being conducted by the lizard people, you would just assume they were perfectly sane and ask to subscribe to their newsletter?

And your evidence?

Oh yeah, I forgot: They're hiding it from us.


Could it be that The Reptilians are behind the government?

No... earth humans... Just because I know about extraterrestrial life, does not mean I agree with a lot of internet tripe. In fact that internet tripe is put their on purpose to discredit the topic and the real data.

Biological life crossing interstellar space is a near practical impossibility.

The fastest spacecraft we have every launched would take over 56,000 years to reach the closest solar system to us, and it is only 4 light years away.

And that spacecraft was just a fucking drone!!!

The amount of a planets resources necessary to develop an interstellar spacecraft capable of carrying bio-life on long journeys would be massive.

No society will last long spending it's resources building and launching spacecraft that will never return.

In the past earth people believed planes and cars and computers, but especially planes, they insisted that humans could not fly and  would only be an act of magic and impossible... I say you thinking the same way in regards to interstellar space travel... These people have technology only people here can dream about, and no, the photo was not a drone...

"These people have technology only people here can dream about..."

Show me just one little piece of this technology, just one little piece, just one...one little itsy bitsy little piece.

I'll wait...

No society will last long spending it's resources building and launching spacecraft that will never return.

I doubt they'll arrive on slow ships as tourists. All they need to do is send a little DNA and few gigabytes of programming in a speedy little bullet to get their things rolling down here.

"I doubt they'll arrive on slow ships as tourists."

Exactly my point, to be here as recognizable functional beings they would require slow ships.

The fastest thing that can travel interstellar space is a photon and it takes 100,000 years to cross our galaxy.

How fast do you think your little DNA packet can travel without being destroyed?  What is the effect of gamma ray radiation (interstellar space is full of it) on your DNA? What will be your power source for your speedy little bullet?  Programming for what? 


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