What is your take on extraterrestrial intelligences, have you seen "UFO"s , or even been in one if you lucky and caught by a surprise ? Have you met any people from other planets ? Or simply if you have not, what are your thoughts about the topic, and would you like to have an experience ?

Do you believe in the existence extraterrestrials ? (Belief is based on faith or trust without looking at the evidence, data, mathematical models, that is because your friend saw something, and you trust your friend, without research, that is belief)

Do you understand the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(Understanding is based on collecting data , evidence, mathematical models such as drake equation, astrobiology research etc and deriving a conclusion)

Do you know the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(That is when you have had your own personal experience, scrutinized it to be legitimate experience, as well as comparing your experience with other's evidence data and so on)

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Not just HD cameras but smartphone and tablet cameras as well as surveillance cameras.

I used to feel that way, too. But if they're visiting, it's clear they don't want to be confirmed, and it should be quite easy with advanced technology to appear or disappear with stealth at will.

But I'll admit that the lack of evidence still weighs against their presence.


I got one locked in the basement...or it could just be my crappy neighbor. :D


The math indicates it's a possibility.

No evidence to date.

The distances and time frame may take this all out of our frame of reference.

I'd LOVE to have a UFO experience. Seems very exciting. 

But, as things stand, that last line of the video wraps it all up nicely:

"Premiers tomorrow night on FoxTel's SCI-FI channel." (The "Fi" bit stands for "fiction")

I actually hope more people did have experiences... I know and I agree , science fiction channel is supposed to be for science fiction , not documentaries... see the thing is what I dont like is the topic of extraterrestrials gets thrown and mixed with the supernatural junk... it annoys the piss out of me, because it makes the subject less credible for study and analysis and more of a joke. Its like putting dinosaurs on Noah's ark, or something as dumb as this(which much of the anti-ET agenda fascist people believe)  ::

Sorry to be repetitious, but:

A. the proposition that alien life forms are visiting earth, in the face of the distances and with the physics we have, is an extraordinary proposition and would, therefore, require some extraordinary  evidence to convince rational skeptics, and

B. considering that, to my understanding, there is not one button of hard evidence to support the proposition

science fiction is the proper category.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct sir.

for fictional novels yes, but not factual documentaries.



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