What is your take on extraterrestrial intelligences, have you seen "UFO"s , or even been in one if you lucky and caught by a surprise ? Have you met any people from other planets ? Or simply if you have not, what are your thoughts about the topic, and would you like to have an experience ?

Do you believe in the existence extraterrestrials ? (Belief is based on faith or trust without looking at the evidence, data, mathematical models, that is because your friend saw something, and you trust your friend, without research, that is belief)

Do you understand the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(Understanding is based on collecting data , evidence, mathematical models such as drake equation, astrobiology research etc and deriving a conclusion)

Do you know the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(That is when you have had your own personal experience, scrutinized it to be legitimate experience, as well as comparing your experience with other's evidence data and so on)

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We're working on one, but it's still in the 'does the math come out right' stage.

Yes, that is the one I am talking about. So far it looks plausible, but there are still questions to be answered before we'll know if it'll work. For example, there is still a question on whether or not the negative energy needed for the Alcubierre drive to operate can even exist. Quantum physics suggests that it might be, and that's one of the parts they're working on. Note his comment that one of the purposes behind their experiment is to 'make sure we've properly interpreted the mathematics'. Aka, seeing if the math comes out right.

Well, here's a scary thought. What if they wanted to impose their religion on us? Who knows? Maybe religion is a bigger virus in the universe than we first thought.

looks like the preacher trying to convert them started the war lol

Good, but I love the Tom Cruise version. THOSE aliens really kicked ass.

I much prefer the play adaptation by The Brooklyn Academy of Fine Art --- "Da War of Da Woilds".

(SNL skit)

Remember, an 'ET' finding us might the biggest thing for them also!

I would expect that having a very nice 'blind' in orbit around Earth, or further out, might be a very good idea for them. Since we might be considered the worst local predator within a few parsecs.

They might hate to really upset our private hunting grounds with a landing. Maybe the legendary 'ET' landings were from rank amateur races before the 'Earth Park' was set aside for preservation or 'special option terra-forming', waiting for the residents to do the work for them...;p). Just a few more degrees, and then the interstellar beach crowd shows up! Oh the humanity!  

Probable that life exists elsewhere, but improbable that we've been visited.

how would you know ? what are all those ufo videos and photos, not the fake ones, but the genuine ones ?

We know , Danielle , because there exists not one shred of evidence that our planet has ever been visited by aliens .


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