What is your take on extraterrestrial intelligences, have you seen "UFO"s , or even been in one if you lucky and caught by a surprise ? Have you met any people from other planets ? Or simply if you have not, what are your thoughts about the topic, and would you like to have an experience ?

Do you believe in the existence extraterrestrials ? (Belief is based on faith or trust without looking at the evidence, data, mathematical models, that is because your friend saw something, and you trust your friend, without research, that is belief)

Do you understand the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(Understanding is based on collecting data , evidence, mathematical models such as drake equation, astrobiology research etc and deriving a conclusion)

Do you know the existence of extraterrestrials ?

(That is when you have had your own personal experience, scrutinized it to be legitimate experience, as well as comparing your experience with other's evidence data and so on)

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I repeat: "Wouldn't one expect evolution elsewhere be expected to produce something far different from a human?" If a being from Planet X turns out to be awfully human-like, that would seem to require a creator (=God) since evolution would elevate some alien species to the most intelligent beings on the planet. The alien you describe, while different in some ways, is suspiciously too similar to human beings to be believable.

i have discussed convergent evolution in this thread already, and i think i have mentioned that evolution is not entirely Darwinian. so you would call an artist or a scientist god if they bio-engineered a life form in a laboratory ?

The WOW signal is also queer , because it also exists in human genome.

You asked, "What is your take...?" Let's try this tack.

Your "people from other planets" DO NOT EXIST - any more than God or angels exist. You can talk about them AS IF they are real, but they are NOT. If, indeed, you had some strange experiences (which I don't doubt) the correct course of action would be to try to determine what caused these strange experiences. Maybe it was hypnotism (people don't always know they are being hypnotised), or drugs (people don't always know they've been drugged) or dreams or just wishful thinking on your part (which is most likely). Any truly methodical person would START OUT from the scientifically accepted position that they do NOT EXIST then set out to prove scientifically that they do - which, of course, you can't.

Please prove me wrong. In addition to being an earth-shattering revelation, I, personally, think it would be VERY cool if exterrestrials HAVE visited earth. But, since there exists NO actual proof (NONE, ZERO, ZILCH) that they exist, I will START at the most obvious starting point, which is that extraterrestrial beings (if they do exist somewhere in the cosmos) have NOT visited this planet. From a scientific perspective, what you THINK you have experienced means nothing until you submit even the tiniest bit of hard, irrefutable evidence.

*sigh* - I'm done.

you are starting to get aggressive in the indication of your use of capitals, why should I respond and lower my consciousness to this level ? I gave you my proof, what I experienced in my own life, why not collect more from others and tally up all the data and derive a final conclusion for yourself, instead of venting out your anger at me, assuming me and psychoanalyzing me. I just told you what happened and so on, and i did not ask you to believe me, i dont want people to believe me, and if my my evidence is not good enough its a small part of the whole. Treat it like sampling , tally up the results and derive a conclusion for yourself.

You know, by hypnotized I don't mean by some sort of magician in a magic show. People can be hypnotized and not know it, or they can be told to forget that they've been hypnotized.

I'm not sure if there has been any research into the IQ levels of hypnosis patients, but in my experience, (my experience being therapeutic hypnotism for depression related paranoid psychosis, which is thankfully all in the past) I found that if my hypnotist was not absolutely specific, I would break out of the trance and begin raving about how he wasn't making sense. Apparently I would get very analytical while receiving post hypnotic suggestions. My cousin on the other hand who went through the same treatments with the same doctor had no issues. My IQ was measured at 180. I'm unsure about my cousin's IQ, but considering her inability to learn from her own mistakes, much less those of others, I'm not confident about how high it is.

Awesome!  Charles Darwin's IQ was estimated at 165, and Einstein's at 160.  Go you, at 180!  Don't waste it!

180? Oh yeah? Well... Mine was measured at a bazzilian.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


Are you sure you weren't being punked by Dennis Rodman?

I thought Unseen brought up a valid point. I'm not sure you've thoroughly ruled out hallucination because if this were the case, then you wouldn't be able to self-evaluate the experience as such,  ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp, because the experience would represent itself as an extraterrestrial encounter. So, from the perspective of the UFO contactee, it would be practically impossible to tease apart actuality from hallucination because they've already been tainted by the perplexity of this experience.

Furthermore, if you're going to presume that extraterrestrials are merely neighbors from other stars, then you've already a pre-conceived notion of what you think an extraterrestrial is. They may be of a different order altogether, as in creatures of mind, of pure consciousness that can only interact with you within the domain of your psyche. They may be a species that has, in a sense, "shed its monkey," that has transcended the vicissitudes of three-dimensional space, and now resides in some higher topological manifold.

I might get some flack for mentioning this as I'm sure some people are pretty conversant with my output, but are you familiar with the effects of entheogens?

Now, I'm not saying that what you experienced wasn't "real," but you do realize that even in a dream, you can smell, touch, taste, hear, etc. yet the dream itself is a hallucinatory experience. If you wouldn't mind taking a suggestion, I want you to listen to something, then if you have time, I'd love to hear your feedback on it. I'll list a few links below, because I feel there's some stuff here that you seem to be unaware of, especially of the work of Jacques Vallée, the stuff that Carl Jung wrote on UFOs, etc.

First, I'll post an interview Art Bell did a while back. Maybe some people aren't keen on Art Bell, but I've always felt he was far more skeptical than George Noory. He'd always stop and ask for citation, he wouldn't let a vague idea slip by without attempting to concretize it, if a guest mentioned something he thought was malarkey, he'd call it out, etc.

I tried to post it so that it'll start at the 3:28 mark, but if it doesn't, listen from that point until about maybe ten minutes from there. That entire portion is on the relationship between dimethyltryptamine and the UFO encounter. You don't have to listen to the entire thing, just the portion where N,N-DMT and UFOs are concerned.

C2C with Art Bell

I would really like you to take a short listen to that first link, these two that follow will be purely for your entertainment, and I'll post one first that I think you'll find really amusing, but I think you'd find both equally interesting.

Shamanic Approaches to the UFO

Aliens and Archetypes



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