Do you support it? Why or why not?

I support it as long as it involves consenting adults only, (it could be same sex or a mixture of male and females). I really don't see what the big deal is, if people can have an open relationship they should be able to have an open marriage. I wouldn't have one of these marriages myself but I do support the choice of others to have this if they want it.

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Lol I always thought it was spouses

@Doug Reardon

More than one mouse is mice. More than one louse is lice. Thus, it follows that more than one spouse is spice.

Let's start with what makes it your (or anyone else's) business?

I would be curious as to the dynamics of the relationships in a polygamous marriage, and how that may affect any children in the future.

Polygamy would be harkening back to one alpha-breeder per community. Chimp style, gorilla-style.

I think we stick with bonobo-style and get what we can.

We would be genetically stronger with polygamy, and genetically more diverse with monogamy. 

In Ireland the penalty for bigamy is two wives !!!

Nah Kyle is right, all that marriage is is a license, and it only exists so people who would have no place in your love life otherwise can come in and force you to do things their way. It's a proprietary tool owned by religion and the government, and it's used to sneak in and make you play by their rules. You can publicly express your commitment without a piece of paper too. In fact it's a much bigger commitment without a contract to "assure" it. And if you're an illogical monkey, then fine, you can even swear by "god." Doesn't change anything. But they say "Oh you need to get married or it's not legal/right/good/a commitment."

Same with polygamy and gays. The religious nuts are all hissypissy now because of gays getting married. It has to be "one man and one woman" they say. Why? Not everyone lives in the same fairytale disney prince and princess bullshit world as you do. There's nothing sacred about it either, it's a contract. But it's their rules.

If someone wants to have a relationship with more than one person it's nonya business. But they make it their business by saying you have to get married, on their terms. "And let's see if we allow it first, then you can get married and have the sort of relationship you want."

People should be saying "Fuck You, who asked you? And who said we want to be part of your bullshit contract?", but instead everyone is begging for them to allow it... ridiculous.

It's like being in the desert and having a backpack full of bottled fresh water, but instead of drinking that, you beg some dirty desert nomad to piss in your mouth.

By the way, when I talk about polygamy that includes women too. People always think about men having several wives. Well it works the other way too! And you know why a woman having more than one man is a good thing? Because the mere thought of it is pissing most men off - and that's a good sign. Whenever the majority of men are against something, it's probably something awesome. A great example are muslims. They're all for polygamy.. as long as it's only the men who get that benefit. FU again.

It's not a marriage. It's one person, usually the man, indulging himself at the expense of partners.

Seems more important (as a general value) that the promises you make with the people you close to are kept and that they're ones you can keep, rather than that said promises are made to a culturally-agreed upon number of people.

Assessing the societies where polygamy is allowed versus those where it is not, I would say that the latter is preferable. Of course, it's impossible to say whether the issues in the societies where it is allowed is due to polygamy or other factors, but I wouldn't want to experiment too much in case it is.

By weight of the available evidence I am against it.

The more the marrier.  har har

Meh I don't believe in marriage period. I don't see the point of it if you love somebody I don't think you need a piece of paper and a big as party to show it, but that's just me. I do not see anything wrong with polygamy its just not for everyone. And some people can have a dangerous jealous streak if they can't keep their emotions in check even if they think they could handle it.


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