Mine: "Frankenstorm" hasn't even reached Ohio yet, but here in my Eastern suburb of Cleveland (Euclid, OH) 50 and 60 mph winds are howling in off Lake Erie. It's dark now, but the last time I looked before dark huge waves were breaking out on the lake as far as the horizon. No, not "whitecaps," breaking waves.

And this is before the hurricane winds even get here!

What is your story, and don't forget to tell us WHERE YOU ARE.

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My story is that this is all ridiculous.  The storm will reach me tonight and may result in some power outages.  I set aside some bottles of water, have a camp stove and a bag of rice, and plan to continue business as usual.  There will be those who are particularly vulnerable to power outages - like people relying on home dialysis machines who neither have generators nor have made other arrangements - who will die, but this is a big story about nothing when an ignorant, pretentious bigot is on his way to the White House.  C'est tout.

Okay, I know you're in Quebec Province. But people, please tell us where you are to add some dimension to your story.

Well, it's dark, it has been raining off and on, humidity is at 90%, the wind is blowing at about 9mph, it's about 60 degrees, everyone is conducting life as usual.... It's hard to have an exciting "Frankenstorm" story when you're in Oregon. Lol.... but really I hope for the best for everyone in hurricane Sandy's path.

@ Heather... I was about to assume that you meant Romney in your last sentence then I decided it'd be true either way. Bah!

And you are where?

Oregon... like it says in the post.


Not much to report from here. Thus far, it's been raining to varying degrees throughout the day. The wind has been picking up the last few hours, but the trees and power are holding just fine thus far. It's supposed to be worst at around 2am though.

Where are you?

Hagerstown, MD. The worst of our 'damage' was that our (wood) bench blew over, and a rose bush blew loose from the ground stake it was tied to. My parents (just over the mountain and a short drive a way) got 13" of rain, water seeping into the basement and are still don't have power. The mountain certainly helped shield us some, but our part of Maryland does seem to be one of the least affected areas by this storm. I'm sure those up NY and NJ way will have the 'best' stories to share.

You do realize that those that may have the most interesting/terrifying stories are likely without the ability to get online at the moment.... :p

Then they'll have a good story to tell once they are back online. 

It was slightly windy, it rained for two days and didn't see a single lightning bolt.

- Wilmington, NC (southernmost east coast)


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