Summer is approaching, in just over one month i will graduate from university (and therefore have all the time to read what i want to read instead of reading tedious books on my subject!) so i am always on the look out for some new books to read.

I'd have to say my favorite is 'God is not great' by the late Christoper Hitchens
The current one i am reading is called 'Religion for Atheists' by Alain De Botton (really interesting about while it seems obvious there is no God, there is good parts in religion that a secualr society could gain from)

P.s just joined Think Atheist today, so Hi!

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Top 3 (so far) in order.

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

God, No! - Penn Jillette

God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens

I haven't read God, No! and I love Penn Jillette. Going to read this weekend! thanks

As I was leaving christianity I read and enjoyed "why I Became an Atheist" by John Loftus and "The Atheist's Way" by Eric Maisel.

If you've always been an atheist these books may not impact you like they did me, but if you are leaving or have recently left religion, you might find them helpful.

As much as l love The God Delusion and God is not Great, the only thing they did for me was to clarify certain points for the argument against the existence of god. Personally, my atheism is founded in scientific literacy and some titles that have had a major influence on my atheism are:

The Cosmos - Carl Sagan

Origins - Neal Degrasse Tyson

The Greatest Show on Earth - Richard Dawkins

Why E=MC2 - Brian Cox

The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking (even he admits the title is too misleading)

These are just a few. The great thing about these books is that they reduce the necessity of a god without even attacking a god or religion. I think many Athiest books point out the flaw in religious reasoning which is an easy task to do. Showing someone how amazing the world is without god with the scientific backbone of evidence does much more for me and requires years of research and testing.

In the case that you're not into science that much then some titles not mentioned above that are great:

Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris

Infidel - Ayaan Ali Hirsi

Why I am not a Christian - Bertrand Russell

Happy Reading

I think the holy books, ha ha.. if you read them carefully, you will be confirmed about their falseness...

The Bible


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