Recently my father, (a fundie), had a botched emergency appendectomy and subsequent abdominal infection. He is now on a wound vac and heavy drugs and antibiotics. His Facebook is littered with well-wishes about how "great God is... how God took care of him" and the like. After a lot of though, I wrote the following prayer this morning:


Dear God,


You are great and just and holy. You are the creator of all things and the giver of all life. It is only through your mercy and grace that I even exist. Now that I have sufficiently stroked your ego, please take it at face value and leave me the fuk alone. Please don't give me cancer just so you can demonstrate your compassion by allowing me the honor of enduring 6 months of chemotherapy in your name. Please don't wreck my car so that everyone will see first-hand your awesome power when I finally walk again after months of painful rehab. Please don't take the life of a loved-one just so I can rest assured that they are in a "better place" bathing in your radiance. In fact, just pretend that I don't exist and I will continue to believe that you don't and we will both be happy.


When things such as this happen in your life, what do you wish you could "pray" to god?

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In my last prayer before completely deconverting I asked God whether he wanted to build a trust relation with me (as a friend). I told him that could only happen if we could talk on a human level (basically face to face).

So far, I've heard nothing. So why should I ask for anything else in any other circumstance? Either God does not exist or he does not care, neither require my prayer.

Dear god, please protect me from your followers!

Nice one! Lol. 

unless you can offer actual support, all you can do is sympathize.  anything else is pretentious, in my opinion.

Exactly! No one ever wants to acknowledge who truly deserves the credit for saving a life or making it better...those on the front lines DOING the work! I always cringe when I hear an athlete say, "I wanna thank God for letting me make that winning touchdown" or whatever. It seems that no one is suppose to take credit for their own hard work and dedication...but others sure will critique you! Christians are actually sending mixed hard and do your best and you will succeed...oh, but if you DO succeed, that's all God's doing! WTF???

Well said Trish!!  I have never understood that mentality.  It was the hard work and intelligence of the physicians/nurses etc that saved you.  It was you who pushed you.  Not some fairy tale in the sky.

The other day A gfirl was on t.v. that was only alive because of a transplant from someone that died .. She was asked what she thought was the reason she had recovered , Well you guessed it A Miracle .... what story are they giving the parents of the girl that died ???

God let your child die so he could work a miraclel on the other girl ?So much bs so little time !!!!

To whom it may concern: Don't be pushing any god around here. If you want a god fine, but leave me out of it. 

earlier this year, my father was hospitalized for 6 weeks following amputation of his foot from diabetes.  the problem was that the painkillers that the doctor had given him for weeks prior to the operation left him addicted to them and unable to eat without vomiting soon afterward.  he lost 45 pounds.  what should have only took 1-2 weeks was drawn out over a month.  i spent a month alternating days without sleep with my sister to help him make it through the nights. 


for the weeks i spent with him at the hospital, i never hoped for a diety to bitch about how bad the time was any more than i would send an email to santa claus or the easter bunny.  when bad shit happens, i remind myself that the only way out is through enduring and ultimating coming out on the other side.  and when the bad shit that happens is my death, i won't be around to have something to pray to anybody imaginary afterward.  i didn't know what it was like before i was born, and i won't know what it's like when i'm gone. 


saying a insulting prayer to someone who isn't there seems like misotheism, and i got over that when i realized that there is nobody listening to my thoughts.  i don't attribute bad things to anything more than bad circumstances, bad living decisions, and being in the wrong place at the right time.

Sorry Darrell, but this is a stupid question given the context of this site. Whilst I understand the sarcastic bent of your question, I think you'll find most, if not all of us here, aren't that interested in giving any time to writing to a non existent God...........................  

Prayer is like a sugar pill. If you think it will help, then you will find ways to prove that it does.

And what's the harm in that, eh? }:D *dons highly-flame-retardant suit* 


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