Recently my father, (a fundie), had a botched emergency appendectomy and subsequent abdominal infection. He is now on a wound vac and heavy drugs and antibiotics. His Facebook is littered with well-wishes about how "great God is... how God took care of him" and the like. After a lot of though, I wrote the following prayer this morning:


Dear God,


You are great and just and holy. You are the creator of all things and the giver of all life. It is only through your mercy and grace that I even exist. Now that I have sufficiently stroked your ego, please take it at face value and leave me the fuk alone. Please don't give me cancer just so you can demonstrate your compassion by allowing me the honor of enduring 6 months of chemotherapy in your name. Please don't wreck my car so that everyone will see first-hand your awesome power when I finally walk again after months of painful rehab. Please don't take the life of a loved-one just so I can rest assured that they are in a "better place" bathing in your radiance. In fact, just pretend that I don't exist and I will continue to believe that you don't and we will both be happy.


When things such as this happen in your life, what do you wish you could "pray" to god?

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That's the cause, not the effect, isn't it?

I see it the other way round - it's the naivety or gullibility that make people pray (or take whatever 'sugar pill' is on offer). If you're actively finding ways to prove that it was the sugar pill that worked it's pure face-saving, not naivety. Being _told_ reasons why it's worked and accepting them would be gullibility...

But my initial was in jest; I do see the harm in people trying to prove that nothing does something - if for no reason other than pulling people away from things that might actually help, and towards things that most certainly do not.


Oh great Ifits, 

May I please you sufficiently that you give me the bounties of creation at the expense of fellow humans and the well-being of the planet, and may you keep me shackled in the mental bondage of your worship with the masses where I cannot even fathom the possibility of your non-existence.  Oh great Ifits, I am so grateful for your blessings, may the rest of the planet succumb to the delusion of your existence so I can share in your greatness with the whole world forever and ever.

Praise Ifits! 

I have wondered about this myself. I haven't had anything bad happen since my deconversion so I'm not sure how I will feel.  Right now and every other day since my deconversion I have not felt the need or desire to pray and I recognize how pointless it would be if I did.  However I still wonder if, in a dire situation, would I be tempted, thinking it was worth a try or because it was a habit for so long, would I fall back into the habit?  I just don't know. 


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