What habits or actions do you continue to do that would get your Atheism card revoked?  This is totally tongue-in-cheek, but I have realized how my somewhat religious upbringing has colored my language as well as other things.  

So, I figured we could have a confessional discussion where we admit our sins against atheism.  After all, if folk are going to persist in calling atheism a religion, maybe we should indulge a little and see how it works out for us.

My sins include using language like "God only knows" and saying to people who have sneezed "bless you".  What the hell are you heathens doing that is the antithesis of atheism? 

UPDATE: This post continues to get attention and one thing I have noticed, with both amusement and frustration, is that some people do not seem to notice that this is largely tongue-in-cheek.  I posted this as a way of acknowledging the influence that religion has had and continues to have on our lives, our society, our language, and our habits.  We all know that atheism is not a religion, goddammit! ;-)

Have a blessed day.

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I seriously hate that snob girl. Every single one of her ignorant dumbass videos. The idea is fine but she seriously knows dick about any religion and still thinks she can talk out of her ass with that ball breaking accent and snob look on her face. Aaargh, makes me wanna create Frankenjesus just out of spite.

Besides, Atheism does not need to be a religion. Because Atheism INVENTED religion. We don't know who the really really first 3 or 4 people were that made this God crap up - but they obviously didn't believe the shit they made up right? They only needed something to gain power. Makes em atheist. We should tell Jews, Christians and Muslims that their god is an Atheist :)
Im LMAO At Ramnex's reponse!
I'm new here, and this is my first post! Yay.

I couldn't resist replying. I live in an extremely religion-centered community in the southern U.S., and I constantly notice just how influential religion is, even to those of us who range from not particularly religious to atheist. My boyfriend and I are both atheists, and yet we continue to use certain phrases, carry out certain little rituals and display behaviors that are byproducts of religion's influence on the society we've been brought up in.

Some examples of my sins against atheism:
- I say "bless you," "thank god," "oh my god," "god knows," etc.
- When people ask me to "pray for so-and-so," I never say no, because society has taught me that the correct response is "Of course!"
- Even though I feel like a faker, I still bow my head and close my eyes during any form of public or group prayer.
- I have a stigma about saying "god dammit" because a teacher at my PUBLIC school once told me that it was "blasphemy" and a "sin" I wouldn't be forgiven for.
- I occasionally go to church for my (very Christian) family's sake. To me, this is the BIG one. The entire time I'm sitting there listening to the preacher cut and paste verses from all over the bible to suit their agenda, I'm coming up with logical arguments against his points and feeling a little bit like a jerk for it. Also, I'm feeling like a hypocrite for even being there in the first place.
- I talk to dead people. Not in a creepy, John Edwards/Sylvia Browne way, but in a "I-know-I'm-just-talking-to-myself" way. And I always look up while I'm talking.

I think what you do is what the majority of the people do. I live in a small town in Mexico, Here 90% are Catholic and though many visit church and cross themselves when ever they pass a church, it would appear that most do all this from social convention and habit. I seriously doubt any are deep believers and very few have ever looked at or even read a bible. I am an atheist and my wife is agnostic, but we don't go around bragging about it. In fact only our some of closest friends know and even then its not something we discuss. Nobody looks down on us for not visiting church since many of the Catholics also do bit go..
Nice, Tera! And welcome to T|A!
Internet Atheist Troll Brigade?

On a side note, all tithing can go to me.
Depends on the tithe.
Atheism isn't religion? Oh no! Now I have to find new cult with no deities to worship and no churches to visit and no prayers to say and so on and so forth!
Well I've always tended to say "God's bollocks" rather than oh my god - so I'm probably safe there. I made an effort lately to type omfsm instead of omg, as that was a bit of atheist blasphemy ;-)

I'm not sure whether my tendency to exclaim "Jesus bloody George" is more blasphemous in terms of Christianity or the unholy church of atheism :-p
I say, "Oh my God." I say, "Bless you," when people sneeze. I fairly regularly attend church wherein I generally don't participate in prayers (and I pretty much mentally check out of the whole service aside from the music, which, as a musician, is why I'm there in the first place), but I do take communion (can't really escape that one) and I don't volunteer information about my atheism (though if asked, I wouldn't lie). I play with Tarot cards occasionally too, though that's more for entertainment; I don't actually believe I'm predicting the future.
God has always been an untouchable excuse for people. Some religious kids get to wear hats in school, some religious groups get to use certain drugs and religion is the perfect excuse to not attend an important event if it falls on the sabbath or some holy day etc etc etc...
My Atheism sin is the lack of balls I have when these untouchable excuses are thrown at me. As soon as someone says "oh- well, it's because of my religion" there is this disgusting feeling of understanding that sets in on the room and the subject is instantly dropped. I want to learn how to politely and vocally question these moments.
I think the reason that this is so tough for me is because questioning another's belief is taking a shot at who they are. It's ashame, but it's true. If someone thinks that god exists, that's great and we can talk about it. The second someone believes, well,... then I curl into the fetal position and cry. I'm going to try to not let this type of excuse slip past conversation.


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