What habits or actions do you continue to do that would get your Atheism card revoked?  This is totally tongue-in-cheek, but I have realized how my somewhat religious upbringing has colored my language as well as other things.  

So, I figured we could have a confessional discussion where we admit our sins against atheism.  After all, if folk are going to persist in calling atheism a religion, maybe we should indulge a little and see how it works out for us.

My sins include using language like "God only knows" and saying to people who have sneezed "bless you".  What the hell are you heathens doing that is the antithesis of atheism? 

UPDATE: This post continues to get attention and one thing I have noticed, with both amusement and frustration, is that some people do not seem to notice that this is largely tongue-in-cheek.  I posted this as a way of acknowledging the influence that religion has had and continues to have on our lives, our society, our language, and our habits.  We all know that atheism is not a religion, goddammit! ;-)

Have a blessed day.

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I tend to say "fahrvergnügen" when someone sneezes!

That's a good one!
Instead of saying "thank you" when someone says "bless you", I'm going to try this one! Or maybe Entinlude's "taa-daa."....you know, switch it up a bit..haha
I began saying "taa-daa" after I sneeze and "abracadabra" when someone else sneezes.

It amuses me.
Hahaha. I like that. Mind if I try it out?
This actually made me blow a little snot rocket.

Thanks for the laugh!
lol... ewww... XP
I don't say anything and it doesn't bother me one bit. When someone says something to me I say thank you. Even if they say "bless you". Honestly, most people don't say it to mean anything religious anymore. People have been taught from birth that it is polite to say something when someone sneezes and so I thank them for their measure of politeness towards me.
I never have ever said anything when people sneeze either. It doesn't bother me. What *does* bother me is when I coughed like 40 times in 1 class period in 10th grade and someone said "Bless you" to me every time, which annoyed me because I was coughing and they thought i was sneezing and also because it was drawing extra attention to my coughs and embarrassing me and then I didn't know if I should say "thank you" or "I wasn't sneezing" or just stay silent and it was a tough decision. LMAO. But yeah. People don't mean anything religious by it, just like when you say "damn it" you're not actually thinking about whether or not hell exists and if God has the power to damn the... "situation" you're in? LOL. Most of the time when people say "damn it" it makes no logical sense.

That's why I use Gesundheit! I had German grandparents so I have to thank them for teaching that one word so I could at least avoid the other.



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