What habits or actions do you continue to do that would get your Atheism card revoked?  This is totally tongue-in-cheek, but I have realized how my somewhat religious upbringing has colored my language as well as other things.  

So, I figured we could have a confessional discussion where we admit our sins against atheism.  After all, if folk are going to persist in calling atheism a religion, maybe we should indulge a little and see how it works out for us.

My sins include using language like "God only knows" and saying to people who have sneezed "bless you".  What the hell are you heathens doing that is the antithesis of atheism? 

UPDATE: This post continues to get attention and one thing I have noticed, with both amusement and frustration, is that some people do not seem to notice that this is largely tongue-in-cheek.  I posted this as a way of acknowledging the influence that religion has had and continues to have on our lives, our society, our language, and our habits.  We all know that atheism is not a religion, goddammit! ;-)

Have a blessed day.

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maybe people just find it difficult to trust their own rational (or none rational) thought processes. If they attribute it to God then they feel better and can act on it.
It seemed to work for George Bush Jnr.
I celebrated Pesach this year with my extended family...and actually, it was a lot of fun and I really don't regret it.

I also say "goddamn" as a knee-jerk response to something ridiculous. I like the word "damn" and I don't know if i can remove it from my vocabulary. I also tend to not notice the words "god bless" in things because it's so common for people to think they can shell out blessings from god. :/
I dont get offended by peoples beliefs. I just feel a bit sorry for them because they are sick thanks to some selfish twats who want to control people. I do get offended when they try to force their beliefs on to me and it has a direct effect on my freedom. Creationism in schools and the anti abortion lobby are the two most well known examples of this I can site but there are many more.

I live in a society of predominately Roman catholics (Mexico) and here I think 90% of the people do as you do. They bow and say amen but very few actually believe. They just fear being cast out of society. This is changing with the younger generation and even the older people are changing in their out look.
My wifes 84 year old Grandmother was teaching my 18 month old daughter a prayer just yesterday when she suddenly stopped and said to my wife. " Is it okay that I teach her this? I know how you feel."
I was pretty taken aback by this level of tolerance from someone who was once so strong in her opinions and attitudes.
My wife said "of course it is." and so she continued.

You might be surprised that we allow our child to be taught such things, but I do not see it as a issue. As soon as she is old enough to understand I will explain to her what we feel and that other people believe this. We will make sure she receives a good rounded education. This means that when she is old enough she will be educated and have a good enough critical thinking capacity to make her own decisions about her beliefs.

I know she will make a good choice since it will be from an informed point of view. But in the mean time she can still take part in society without feeling like an outsider.
My atheism sin is that I still have morals. Oh wait..
What? You mean you are not eating babies and worshiping Satan????
Helping with the kids in the Christian summer camp in the church my mom attends, but I just do it to get out of the room and make it part of my social environment :), don't think that is really that bad?

By the way I'm new here at ThinkAthiest.com, and I'm starting to like it a lot every time :)
Welcome to T|A!

Helping children is a huge atheism sin. You should be eating them. ;-)
Thanks !

and I'll consider that next time Lollol ^o^
Try them with the right sauce and they are divine!
LMAO!! This is soo funny and sooooo true! I always find myself saying "God bless you" or OMG, "Oh my God" LOL It's just a habit! I try to change the God into Goodness when I catch myself! I dont give myself a hard time over it. I laugh it off!
now that you mention that, I was thinking about that also! Lol
Hey! Someone wants to make atheism a religion! Looks like we'll get our "sin" status on our behavior after all! Woohoo! I kid, of course.


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