What habits or actions do you continue to do that would get your Atheism card revoked?  This is totally tongue-in-cheek, but I have realized how my somewhat religious upbringing has colored my language as well as other things.  

So, I figured we could have a confessional discussion where we admit our sins against atheism.  After all, if folk are going to persist in calling atheism a religion, maybe we should indulge a little and see how it works out for us.

My sins include using language like "God only knows" and saying to people who have sneezed "bless you".  What the hell are you heathens doing that is the antithesis of atheism? 

UPDATE: This post continues to get attention and one thing I have noticed, with both amusement and frustration, is that some people do not seem to notice that this is largely tongue-in-cheek.  I posted this as a way of acknowledging the influence that religion has had and continues to have on our lives, our society, our language, and our habits.  We all know that atheism is not a religion, goddammit! ;-)

Have a blessed day.

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oh, so God is more like a cat! Cats bury their poo as a sign of submission. If they leave their poo uncovered, it is a challenge to the dominate kitty in the area. If you leave yours uncovered, that must mean you're challenging God... and I can see how he would not like that.
I didn't either, until Reggie posted a link on FB yesterday about the evil things babies do, that linked to an article about cats, then to one about dogs! I feel ever-so-much more enlightened!
Holy Poo is poo that is properly buried so that God does not see it or step in it. God being all knowing and powerful cannot handle poo on the ground.

Ummm... *^_^*
- I stil enjoy a good ghost story, even though I think they're rubbish
- I still go to church from time to time
- I enjoy listening to Handel's Messiah
- I still use the phrases "Oh my God!" and "for the love of god!"
- I read the bible
- I still enjoy the chronicles of Narnia
- I do fortune telling as a joke [I can read palms, do tarot readings, and use a crystal ball]
Funny... as soon as I was agnostic and on my way to atheism, I bought a Ouija board just because I could!
I love the "Narnia" books, too! I didn't even think of that. But, I enjoy the "His Dark Materials" series, as well.
I must admit i do lapse into secterianism at times, sadly.
I still say "Bless you" when people sneeze, I know it is mainly a religious term, but "Bless" can also mean "to bestow good of any kind upon" so it's not a Atheism sin I guess.
I often say "Oh God" when I am shocked at something or amazed, which is something I am trying to stop. (Or I say "Holy s###" but that's another taboo in itself).
I USED TO go to my local youth group when I was a "believer", I was insanely narrow minded. But that's in the past...thankfully.
However, I am sorta against calling Atheism a religion, and just settle it down as a "Belief". Mostly because, if tomorrow all Christians, Muslims etc. etc. disbanded and denounced their religion, there would be no point for atheist groups and arguments with ignorant Christians. We could finally accept the truth and simply move on with our lives and make the world religion free = more time for the important 'stuff', more money for the important 'stuff'.
I think we should try replace the word "God" in our cursing and exclamation vocab with "Darwin" or "Ohm" or some other scientist/philosopher.

Oh my Ohm!
Darwin fucking Charles!

It could work.
Darwin fucking Charles!

This does have a nice ring to it. Plus it would elicit some nice doubletakes from listeners. ;)
Haha, that's certainly true.
After reading some of the first posts (jesus fucking christ), that just made me laugh.
I throw salt over my shoulder after I accidently spill some.


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