It's a bit early for Obama to be a "lame duck President," but clearly that's his situation now.

He's failing to lead. His most recent appointees (Hagel and Kerry) seem to bumble along. The current "solution" to the WMD situatiion in Syria seems to have been a Kerry brainfart which has put Vladimir Putin in charge of American foreign policy.

He seems insular, seems to want to go on his own without interfacing with Congress, even members of his own party.

He seems lost. I almost wonder if he's starting to talk to the paintings of past Presidents, seeking their advice much as Nixon is alleged to have done.

I'm starting to wish the choice had been between Hillary Clinton and John McCain/Mitt Romney. I can't see her in the situation Obama is in.

I was proud that we elected a black President, and in no way will I vote for a Republican for President without a fundamental transformation of their philosophy, but I must say I'm depressed.

Anyone else with me?

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He had too many submarines... And no one had rockets yet in 1939.

I am not advocating a retreat into isolationism.  Just letting the rest of the world go its way while we go ours internally.  Of course we should engage in international relations.  We just should not think that we can solve any problem by sending in the bombs.

We can't solve another country's problems.  So let's concentrate on solving ours.

Surprise, Unseen; I'm with you, except that Hillary is too conservative for me.

It came to me last night: What the GOP is doing might be called 'the Jimmy Cartering of Barack Obama."

The GOP worked out a deal with Iran to release the diplomatic hostages and didn't cash in that chip until the moment Carter was out of office, making Reagan look more effective his first week in office.

That's good. "the Jimmy Cartering of Barack Obama." Might be on to something.

I would be proud if we elected a good president, I don't care about other factors, I really don't care myself if he/she came from another planet and had green skin. I've been rather disappointed over and over. And as George Carlin says, we don't have a choice, paper or plastic, or smoking or non-smoking. That's our real choices. We don't get to choose who runs the show. Obama listening to us (unless he's really forced to) ha! Only the NSA listening to us. And now I hear that they are sharing communication information on us to foreign governments. How's that for privacy? And the drug thing, it's okay for him to do but not us. Transparent government eh? Sure, prosecuting whistleblowers when the lawbreakers are the one's in charge. Nice, just gives me a headache. He's listening to someone but it's not us. Let's make some more friends by lobbing some missiles at them and handing the bill and the foreign bad will to the citizens.

If information is being shared with another country, it probably has something to do with their security issues or ours. It's not Jerry Kublinski is dating Mary Ashley, or "I have a Fender Stratocaster in sea green for sale" type stuff. Why would they be interested in knowing anything unless it was suspicious and potentially explosive?

I'm not sure about the 4th Amendment issues, but I think people are worried about the wrong aspect of the issue. Nobody cares about your private conversations unless there is some evidence it's about a conspiracy, an attack, obtaining explosives, infiltrating a country illegally, or something along that line. 

There aren't enough people in the world to read every email or other communication personally. Probably no one reads anything unless it fits a profile of some sort or has some keword(s) in it that triggers a computer to order a closer look. 

Then, if someone does read it, it's not like they know you personally and are going to gossip among your friends. If they read it and it seems innocent, they are going to go on to the next item on the list.

Remember there are two tiers of control above the Federal Goverment.  Banks, and Corporations.  Banks who create the money and direct it to the Corporations.  The Corporations then control the Federal Government with their money and lobbing. 

It does not matter who you vote for as both parties are controled by the same ruling forces.   You are only delusioned if you think democracy still exists here in America.  America is a facist  nation.

Demopublicans are just a distration so you will not look behind the curtain.

It's amazing so many people don't realize that and are taken in by the illusion of choice.

Oh gosh, I've been hearing this "It does not matter who you vote for" line for years and years and years. 

WHICH corporations control the Federal Government? Apple (which trades places with Exxon as the biggest corporation)? Ben and Jerry's? The Cleveland Indians? You talk about "The Corporations" like they are not in competition with each other, like their interests are always in alignment, and like the unions, the AARP, and other interests have no countervailing influence. 

Gee, how about political fantasies  like "Oh if we don't like what they are doing we can just vote them out". And political promise fantasies like "change", hmm where have I heard that. Say one thing and do another, then promise them the moon and get reelected over and over and still do nothing important or even destructive. Given the choice ( yeah right, who really chose the the candidates) between one team or the other. McCain and Palin? Was that the best they could do? What a joke. Usually the incumbent is a shoo in if he's still breathing in the case of Romney (and his magic underwear) as a choice. So we get one shiny candidate that promises the moon to us (that's black so that would appeal to many blacks, liberals and other people under the spell of wishful thinking of ...)

I have a senator that has such a war chest for his reelection that there's no way anyone could ever dislodge him until he either quits, retires or dies. A life appointment as it turns out. It's a bloody disaster in DC, it's a swamp, you really think we will make a difference? Anyone that tries comes up to a brick wall or gets shut out or mysteriously dies. You might have a chance in a small local election, but where there's big money involved, we won't change spit there.

But, go ahead and try, has it ever worked? One bad choice and a worse one, both are not going to anything meaningful. There are third party candidates, I voted for one in the last election, not that I expected much, he did okay, but as usual you almost never hear of them during an election from the media. So it's almost like he doesn't exist. So most people get the choice of voting for the two "approved" candidates. Yuck!

WHICH corporations control the Federal Government? Apple (which trades places with Exxon as the biggest corporation)? Ben and Jerry's? The Cleveland Indians? You talk about "The Corporations" like they are not in competition with each other, like their interests are always in alignment, and like the unions, the AARP, and other interests have no countervailing influence. 



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