It's a bit early for Obama to be a "lame duck President," but clearly that's his situation now.

He's failing to lead. His most recent appointees (Hagel and Kerry) seem to bumble along. The current "solution" to the WMD situatiion in Syria seems to have been a Kerry brainfart which has put Vladimir Putin in charge of American foreign policy.

He seems insular, seems to want to go on his own without interfacing with Congress, even members of his own party.

He seems lost. I almost wonder if he's starting to talk to the paintings of past Presidents, seeking their advice much as Nixon is alleged to have done.

I'm starting to wish the choice had been between Hillary Clinton and John McCain/Mitt Romney. I can't see her in the situation Obama is in.

I was proud that we elected a black President, and in no way will I vote for a Republican for President without a fundamental transformation of their philosophy, but I must say I'm depressed.

Anyone else with me?

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How much do people seem to think?

Most people seem to think it's all coming from there. Mexico, Canada and South America account for for than half. The Middle East is about 20% with the majority (at least half) of that coming from Saudi Arabia.

U, I have for months not understood your need to dispute, without evidence, so many points raised on T/A discussions. I was glad I wasn't your only target.

A few days ago I saw these words -- the narcissism of unimportant disputes -- and right away thought of you.

The thought didn't support a conclusion but it still brings me smiles.

I generally have always made sure the other side, particularly if it's unpopular, gets a strong defense. Simple as that. An education in philosophy gave me strong critical thinking tools.

If anything is more dangerous to reaching a false conclusion than starting without data or with false data, it's a bunch of people who agree on something, because at that point rational consideration almost always stops dead in its tracks.

U, you mounted a too-hasty defense.

...a bunch of people who agree on something, because at that point rational consideration almost always stops dead in its tracks.

Your defense is too hasty because your bunch of people is on its face a pejorative. Your pejorative is unwarranted because you nowhere allow that the people might be well-informed and might have reached a valid conclusion.

You will more likely find ill-informed people who don't reason to valid conclusions on evangelical websites.

Your defense is too hasty for another reason too.

An education in philosophy gave me strong critical thinking tools.

Your education in philosophy either omitted a caution or you do not remember that caution: That which can be asserted without evidence may be denied without evidence.

Tell us a reason we can believe.

I don't see a pejorative.

There's never any harm in keeping a discussion open.

Or perhaps the younger people understand that the move to fundamentalism in the Middle East is a response to the West imposing "army camp Israel" in their midst and "helping" a sectarian culture by "developing" their oil industry and "westernizing" them. This includes setting up pro-western "presidents" and supplying them with arms and tons of money. They invariably become nasty dictators, each and every one and turn on us when their heads get big.

I really wish we would get going on clean, alternative energy and just get the hell out of there. I hate to say it but it's a another Obama initiative that sorta fizzled.

The other thing about the Middle East is big showdown, end of times, Armageddon, xtian second coming, jewish first coming, Islamic fix-up, dragons, fire, locusts, and nukes that the religious are all working towards.

Does anyone on this forum want to be party to that.?

Bush: "God Told Me to Invade Iraq". Holy Fuck! That's our foreign policy.

Just about all the sins you enumerate I agree with, but won't going isolationist at this point just make them feel victorious and encourage them to challenge us in other areas?

And in the end, isn't it us or them?

Yeah, still waiting for that "Apollo" like approach to alternative energy. That's not happening anytime soon.

Notice you but didn't say the US should have unilaterally attacked Hitler with a token strike to 'teach him a lesson' after he took Czech.

Right, Kerry was ridiculous in asserting that the strike being planned would be "unbelievably small."


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