It's a bit early for Obama to be a "lame duck President," but clearly that's his situation now.

He's failing to lead. His most recent appointees (Hagel and Kerry) seem to bumble along. The current "solution" to the WMD situatiion in Syria seems to have been a Kerry brainfart which has put Vladimir Putin in charge of American foreign policy.

He seems insular, seems to want to go on his own without interfacing with Congress, even members of his own party.

He seems lost. I almost wonder if he's starting to talk to the paintings of past Presidents, seeking their advice much as Nixon is alleged to have done.

I'm starting to wish the choice had been between Hillary Clinton and John McCain/Mitt Romney. I can't see her in the situation Obama is in.

I was proud that we elected a black President, and in no way will I vote for a Republican for President without a fundamental transformation of their philosophy, but I must say I'm depressed.

Anyone else with me?

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Yes, what's wrong with Americans?

I'm an American and here is a symptom of what's wrong with most of us.

We're far too religious, with 100 million Americans believing the Bible is literally true and 85% believing God either created humans within the last 10,000 years or guided human evolution with magic.

A third of us deny climate change is occurring and among the two-thirds who accept it, half deny it is occurring due to human activity.

Two-fifths of us want to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to full term in all or most cases. Half of us still favor making same-sex couples second class citizens as a matter of constitutional law.

A third of us supported the Republican proposal to make savage cuts in Medicaid and Medicare while showering wealthy Americans with another round of unfunded Bush-era tax cuts.

I can only imagine how incompetent, ignorant dingbats like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin make Americans look to the rest of the world in upholding backward and harmful notions like these. Yet, the same political party, which proudly upholds the same backward and harmful notions (and many others), controls the House of Representatives today and stands a fair chance to gain control the Senate in 2014.

That is thanks to the American voter, whatever the blazes is wrong with him.

Yeah, what American voters need is a leader they can obey, who happens to use the name Gallup's Mirror.

I hope you will clarify.

Yeah, what American voters need is a leader they can obey, who happens to use the name Gallup's Mirror. I hope you [Nate] will clarify.

Thank you, but I'm a subversive not a leader. I don't want obedience, I want readers, viewers and listeners. For instance, view this video, which illustrates the point about how folks living in Europe see GOP superstars like Sarah Palin and then wonder what the hell is wrong with Americans.

Nate(?), in the politics I do, time spent considering Sarah Palin is time wasted.

Arch ! Your favorite !

If the government't  of the United States could somehow make the transition from world policeman to lets take care of ourselves, we would be a lot better off.

The President painted himself into a corner when he called for a congressional vote.  He is now in the position of not getting approval and yet going ahead with the strikes.  A no win situation in either case.

He has pretty much ceded leadership to Putin in the matter.  Putin comes across as the voice of reason and the president wanting to bomb Syria come hell or high water.  Putin as the voice of reason is probably a laugher.  I know that I don't trust him.

If the government't  of the United States could somehow make the transition from world policeman to lets take care of ourselves, we would be a lot better off.

Would we? Are you so sure? American isolationism prior to WWII meant a late entry into a war that was far harder to win. What evidence do you have that a return to isolationism now wouldn't turn out just as badly, or worse?

Agreed. I wish more people would see that side of the argument. If the European nations would have banded together as soon as Hitler took Czech, things could have been vastly different. It's a good thing we had FDR at that time who realized we needed to do something rather than sit back and watch. President Roosevelt persuaded Congress to repeal the arms embargoes of the Neutrality Acts and worked to establish loop-holes in them to get supplies to our European allies.

The younger people are, the less they seem to be aware that not doing anything has consequences, too. Eventually, something you managed to stay out of draws you in later and at a far greater cost.

Yes, fighting terrorism does help the terrorists get new recruits. However, do we really believe that if we don't fight them they're going to adopt a "live and let live" attitude toward a West they characterize as The Great Satan? 

...a West they characterize as The Great Satan?

...a West, especially an England and an America, whose oil-driven Middle Eastern foreign policies have earned the title The Great Satan?

C'mon, Unseen, give us a bit more of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

But do feel free to add enough metaphor to keep us awake long enough to read it.

I don't know about the UK but the US doesn't need Middle Eastern oil and actually doesn't use as much of it as people seem to think.



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