It's a bit early for Obama to be a "lame duck President," but clearly that's his situation now.

He's failing to lead. His most recent appointees (Hagel and Kerry) seem to bumble along. The current "solution" to the WMD situatiion in Syria seems to have been a Kerry brainfart which has put Vladimir Putin in charge of American foreign policy.

He seems insular, seems to want to go on his own without interfacing with Congress, even members of his own party.

He seems lost. I almost wonder if he's starting to talk to the paintings of past Presidents, seeking their advice much as Nixon is alleged to have done.

I'm starting to wish the choice had been between Hillary Clinton and John McCain/Mitt Romney. I can't see her in the situation Obama is in.

I was proud that we elected a black President, and in no way will I vote for a Republican for President without a fundamental transformation of their philosophy, but I must say I'm depressed.

Anyone else with me?

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I totally agree. Besides everything you have discussed I would add immigration policy. Obama has been "in favor" of immigration reform, even though his administration really has enjoyed deportations.

His immigration enforcement might be a way of creating jobs for Americans or it might be related to fighting gangs. I doubt if it's because he's prejudiced against Hispanics. He's done things FOR Hispanics as well, such as working to find a way for the children of undocumenteds to get an education and become citizens. 

Capitalism has successfully transformed Congress from a representative form of government to one of self-centered elected officials who now owe their voting allegiance to the corporate oligarchy who reward them with handsome incomes via the lobby industry and political fundraising. The disease of unrestrained capitalism has infected them all to the core. How could you expect our current President to not fall victim to this process?   

I agree, Ed, except that the founders in the 1787 Convention designed the government-business duopoly we know. The government allied itself with business and the two have almost always (until FDR) been at war with working people.

Just as the remedy for political tyranny is democracy, the remedy for economic tyranny is democracy in the form of employee-ownership of business. The surplus-value, instead of going to the gambling addicts on Wall Street (and their other hangouts), will go to the employee-owners.

The Wall Street we know will return to loaning money to people who start or expand their businesses.

I don't think Obama is dancing to any corporate tune willingly, but the Republicans are, and Obama has to deal with that. He can't just arrest them and form a dictatorship. If you look at Democratic Presidents of the past, they tend to take on the role of good citizen once they are out of office (Carter, Clinton). I predict the same for Obama.

Well said.  Unrestrained capitalism is an abomination.

Disappointed.  Frustrated.  Baffled.  Exasperated.  Angry.

Yep, definitely with you.

Surprise, surprise, Bob; I agree with you, but only on the topic here.

Bravo, Belle Rose.  I too voted for Obama twice and would vote a third time for him if I could.  He has had  the misfortune of having to fight the Congressional thugs in both parties.  The only solution that I can see, and I concede beforehand that it is impossible, is to remove money from the equation.

Belle, I too voted for him twice. I worked in his campaigns, and did what I'd never done for any other presidential candidate: I donated a few dollars.

He learned too slowly that the Repubs would not act responsibly, but most of all I want to know the reason for his war on whistleblowers.

His returning his Nobel Peace Prize would be an honorable act; he sure doesn't deserve it.

While I'm sure that atheism will ultimately prevail, that won't be in our lifetimes. However, before that happens, people will become more critical thinkers, and as that happens the GOP's power base will grow smaller and smaller. Right now they have enough power to throw a wrench in the works for a Democratic administration. Another budget crisis is looming, and polls show that if another government shuttown happens or almost happens, the GOP will end up taking the blame. The people are gradually wising up.

Nate, tell us what you believe is wrong with most Americans.


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