It's a bit early for Obama to be a "lame duck President," but clearly that's his situation now.

He's failing to lead. His most recent appointees (Hagel and Kerry) seem to bumble along. The current "solution" to the WMD situatiion in Syria seems to have been a Kerry brainfart which has put Vladimir Putin in charge of American foreign policy.

He seems insular, seems to want to go on his own without interfacing with Congress, even members of his own party.

He seems lost. I almost wonder if he's starting to talk to the paintings of past Presidents, seeking their advice much as Nixon is alleged to have done.

I'm starting to wish the choice had been between Hillary Clinton and John McCain/Mitt Romney. I can't see her in the situation Obama is in.

I was proud that we elected a black President, and in no way will I vote for a Republican for President without a fundamental transformation of their philosophy, but I must say I'm depressed.

Anyone else with me?

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Funny how all the ones you mentioned are we are not really talking about them. Energy, defense, big drug companies (ask your doctor if assbleedout is right for you) and finance. Hard to defend the crap they pull.

All the pensions disappeared in about two years. That was no accident.

Jobs - College dropout (not engineering)

Gates - College dropout (not engineering)

Bezos - Engineer

Zuckerberg - College dropout (Psych/comp sci)

So 1 out of 4 is an engineer.

Arcus, Some of the best engineers I work with do not have an engineering degree. Gates was programming when he was a sophomore in high school.

You got that last attribution wrong on several levels

First off, 

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order."

is from a speech, not a book (unless you count a speech as a writing).

Secondly, what he said makes no reference to New World Order. What he said was...

"This present window of opportunity which during a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built will not be open for too long.Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts "

As you can see for yourself (there is a video of his speech here), the meaning is quite different in his actual speech and doesn't lend itself to conspiracy theory interpretations, though the misquote is widely distributed among conspiracy theorists. 

Conspiracy theories and a strong regard for the truth are seldom found in each other's company.

Unseen is not the only one to notice you failed to answer his question but just went on a tangential rant.

If I were you or Unseen I wouldn't hold my breath for sake of self preservation. Fringe leftists have a fervent religious zeal when it comes to anti-capitalism where any sense of critical reasoning is considered threatening to the cause.

I know some fringe leftists who don't understand that when business income is taxed, the tax is passed along to customers.

However, given the Republican Party's very poor health, I will for a while continue to help those fringe leftists elect Democrats.

Simple, follow the money and look at the cronism between corporations and Federal Goverment agencies.  Like the revolving door between the FDA and Monsanto.

Mark Twain said.  "If voting worked they would not let us do it."

This will better explain my position.



I think he actually meant the things he said in his first campaign and really was idealistic. I feel like once presidents get into office, they eventually get worn down by the institution and its day-to-day realities. They get to be at the hub of the decision-making apparatus, but every decision has so many consequences that they feel constant pressure to make mundane practical choices rather than idealistic ones. The weight of history, the wrestling with Congress and lobbying groups, the nonstop schedule, the reality of having to make life-and-death decisions...I think most presidents probably feel trapped and obligated, rather than powerful.

Along the line of what you are saying, I think Presidents can say what they like while running for office, but when the sit down at that Oval Office desk and review the facts and talk to the experts their decisions start to resemble the decisions made by their predecessor. Now in his second term and unable to be elected to a third, Obama's decisions cannot be said to be influenced by lobbyists or promises of work after he leaves office. Face it: Obama will never be out of work or out of money-making opportunities. Offering him a job to influence a decision would simply insult him. 

Rather than blaming Obama for supposedly not following through on his promises, people should recognize the signs of a man who is beginning to realize how little he has been able to do, and that mostly due to Republican obstructionism.

I do think he tried, but the GOP, combined with his insularity and other personal shortcomings, kept him from doing all he could possibly do.

Let's hope that the Affordable Care Act, survives. I think it will once people start to benefit from it (or become dependent upon it), it probably will.,

It seems like Americans of a democratic disposition are a bit over yourself fawning over your affirmative action black jesus, and have realized that experience may actually be an important qualification for a president. I guess it's similar to how (some) of your brethren of republican orientation found out the same after the reelection of Bush the younger. 

Since 9/11 it has seemed as if the US has really been bumbling along, being pushed by events instead of shaping them. Syria is merely the latest in a decade and a half of US foreign policy mistakes; FP being the policy area in which the president enjoys great latitude. I hope you guys soon find your way again, though until such time I will gleefully indulge in a bit of schadenfreude. I believe it was Leonard Cohen which remarked that whatever one thinks of America you won't like what follows it, and it's a sentiment I subscribe to. 


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